kitchen: before

So due to the closing date and very unsympathetic landlords, our lease on our apartment goes until the end of April. In some ways, this is annoying ($$$$), but in other ways it is nice, namely so that we can take our sweet time moving.

Of course we do want to get in there soon because new!house! and to be rid of the small dog symphony* that happens every morning.

But there were a few rooms I wanted to paint before we got in there because I figured that would be easier. First room: the kitchen.




First things first, the wallpaper. I actually wouldn’t mind the weird hippie-flowery print if it wasn’t everywhere. It would have been okay on one wall, but more than one makes it start to hurt. Also the gingham pattern just adds to the…charm. 

Secondly, no, your monitor/eyes are not deceiving you, the cabinets are pink. It wasn’t until the second time we were in the house, during the inspection, that we realized the cabinets were actually pink. (Note: all before pictures are from the inspection, most things in the picture are not ours, so ignore them.)

And let’s not talk about the weird orange edge of the already ugly track lighting, I’m trying to pretend that all doesn’t exist. Or the weird square of tile backsplash next to the stove.

Luckily we began to take the wallpaper off last night and it was coming off pretty smoothly. My MIL is actually there now removing the rest of it. (She is an angel.)

Now the exciting part.

kitchen colors

The colors! I honestly spent the entire 60 days before closing hemming and hawing over what colors I wanted in my kitchen. I knew I wanted a teal, but finding the perfect teal almost killed me. I finally decided on Behr Embellished Blue with Behr Aqua Breeze. No plans for any lavender as of yet. 

I also want to switch out the hardware and my maybe-somedays include

– tearing out that backsplash. I want something pearly/shimmery/shiny.  

– MAYBE attempting to refinish the countertops (they have some dings/burns)

– replacing the track lighting.

Luckily the floors are new and the appliances are in fine shape so those will be staying as they are. Painting starts tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have some in-progress/after pictures soon!

*About a month or so ago, the dachshunds below us began waking me up around 6am with their barking. They continue to bark/whine/howl/moan all morning. It at least goes until I leave for work, not sure how long it continues afterwards. In a fit of sleep-deprived anger, I actually taped a note to the front door that said something like “to the owners of the small dogs who won’t quit barking – FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE IT STOP.” (Not my best moment.) 😉

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