upstairs bathroom: before/progress

So in the week and a half between closing and actually moving, I knew I couldn’t get everything done, so I decided that the kitchen would be my number one priority, but if there was time, I really wanted to get the upstairs bathroom and the master bedroom painted. Everything else could be done slowly when I got around to it, but those rooms were going to be in use as soon as we got in there so it made the most sense to do those first. Well since the kitchen took so long, I am having doubts about finishing the bathroom/bedroom before we move but I had a little time yesterday while kitchen paint was drying to run up and start the bathroom.

Luckily the bathroom is small and I was able to get the first coat of paint on. Here was the bathroom before:

upstairs bath before
 Not too bad! The fixtures are all updated, there is no hideous tile, the window is HUGE and brings in tons of light…I just absolutely hate the color green.

When trying to decide colors for the house, the bathroom kept stumping me. I wanted something bright but kept going back and forth on different colors. Finally I decided I would just make it easy on myself and re-use a color up here. And the lucky color was:

 Upstairs bath in progress

Upstairs bath in progress

Upstairs bath in progress

The kitchen cabinet color! (Behr – Embellished Blue) At the very last minute, I decided to paint inside the shower the kitchen wall color. (Behr – Aqua Breeze) My mother-in-law kept remarking how much the light blue felt like a sky, so I thought it would be fun and would reflect light better than the teal. Everything needs another coat and the trim needs hit with some semi-gloss. I think I am going to paint the door light blue as well just for fun. I ordered a graphic shower curtain on amazon, which I am hoping goes with the paint…but if it doesn’t I might just grab a plain white one.

Not sure what to do about a window covering. They left the frilly one from the before pictures, but it is a little too old lady for my tastes. The window doesn’t exactly need one since it is frosted, but it looks a little naked. The weird orange-ish trim stuff around the shower bothers me but I’m not really sure what I could do about it.

I am very thankful that the previous owners updated all of the bathrooms. Since the house was built in 1950 I’m sure it included lots of lovely tile and removing all of that would have been far beyond my skill level.

And even though I had to stand on a step ladder inside the tub, the only casualty of the whole event was one lightbulb that I broke while removing one of the light fixtures. Not too bad, Katrina!

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