living room

The living room was one of my favorite things about the house from the very beginning. It is huge (23×16, I think), it has a fireplace, it has great dental molding, and it has two awesome built-ins.

Here are the before shots of the living room. (Again, all furniture belongs to the previous owner, I didn’t think to take pictures when it was empty, so ignore everything that isn’t nailed down.)

 living room (door to family room)

The living room is to the right when you walk in the front door. This is from that doorway. The open door on the right leads to the family room. See my pretty built-ins!

living room

This is looking back to the entry way with my (working) fireplace! Also a cute little closet that they kept books in.

 living room (door to hall/kitchen)

That open door leads to the hallway that leads to the kitchen.

Now the living room doesn’t need a lot done, just remove the wallpaper and paint. Oh and we want to replace the fireplace inset because it is manual and that scares me and it is ugly. And I have visions of building a window seat between the built-ins.

So while waiting for some kitchen paint to dry, I decided to find out what was under that lovely flowered wallpaper.

Surprise! More wallpaper! This is a lovely green/orange straight out of the 70’s. The good part was (on this wall) layer 1 pulled right off in huge sheets. The bad part was

There are 5 layers of wallpaper. Layer 3 is this gold metallic super thick wallpaper. It has some sort of thick almost-cork/cardboard/wood backing to it. It is bizarre. And horrible.

More good news: it is only on this wall. The other three walls only have the flowery layer 1 on them. More bad news: it took my mom and I over an hour to clear that spot which was maybe 8 inches across?

Friday night I got some reinforcements in the way of my friends Ryan and Seth and my father-in-law. FIL worked on the other 3 walls, Ryan and Seth worked on the 5-layer wall. After about 2.5 hours…this is what my living room looks like:

Don’t even ask what that black stuff is or what I’m going to do about it.




Ahh, bare wall..

And this was a small portion of the mess the 5-layer wall made.

The wallpaper felt like wet, crumbled leaves since the only way it would come down was with liberal steam and even then it would only flake off.

I foresee this taking weeks to reach plaster. Luckily we have a game room which holds the tv and hopefully the couch, so this room will be empty until we buy more furniture.

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  1. This sounds sucky and i know you will appreciate it someday. If you need more hands….i can be available too.

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