all moved in!

Hello! We are officially in the house! The movers came yesterday and by noon we were fully moved in. Neither one of us had ever had movers before but we bought some living room furniture when we moved into the last apartment. Keith was there when the furniture guys brought it and based on how much work it was to get our over-sized couch and over-sized loveseat in that apartment, he knew we would never be able to get it out.

living room furniture in old apartment

So we did the fancy adult thing and scheduled movers. And oh was it worth it. We didn’t have a ton of stuff, probably the normal amount for a 2 bedroom apartment and we had actually been moving some boxes here and there since we closed, but we had some heavy furniture. Not that I would have been able to do much anyways, but it was nice (but really weird) to just stand around while three men hauled our things up the steps.

And our little old house has this lovely feature:

up the steps

A very sharp turn at the top of the already steep steps. The movers did their fair share of cursing getting things around that, but they did it! The one disappointment of the morning was the fact that our wardrobe would not fit in the master bedroom. The doorways of the master and the bedroom across from it are located on the part of the house that slopes, so their doors are a good several inches shorter than normal. Since neither of us are exceptionally tall (and haven’t been spending much time upstairs) we didn’t realize this until the movers tried to slide it in the door and couldn’t. Luckily the 3rd bedroom has a normal-sized door so the wardrobe lives in there now.

It seems like a piece of the door jamb could be removed and reattached since it seemed the wardrobe was just a hair too tall, but we probably need to measure it 4 or 5 times to see. I told Keith we could just cut a few inches off the wardrobe’s legs…but he wasn’t too into that idea.

wardrobe in old apartment

I guess I can’t blame him, it is a gorgeous piece of furniture.

To make up for that disappointment, they were successfully able to get the couch into the gameroom. The gameroom is the man cave and where Keith has the tv and accessories hooked up. The room is big enough for the couch, but we were afraid that it would be impossible to get the couch into the room. Our basement is a labyrinth and the game room is at the back. The lead moverdude even said that he had been moving furniture for 6 years and didn’t think it would be possible, but they tried and succeeded! So now we don’t have to sit on the floor when we watch tv or go buy an Ikea couch that wouldn’t be nearly as comfy as that one. If it hadn’t fit, we could have put it in the living room, but it is nice that our couch is in the same room as the tv.

My only complaint about the movers:

[shortly after the movers leave]

Keith: Did you give them pepsis? (I had mentioned earlier that we should offer them a drink but Keith said they had drinks)

Me: No, why?

Keith: I went into the office and that 6 pack of pepsi is just torn in half.

Me: Ew.

Keith takes those 6 packs of 24oz pepsi to work and I had just moved that pack that morning so I know it was a full pack. The movers were coming in/out the office door and must have just taken them on their way out. It really weirds me out. Had they asked, I would have had no problem giving them a drink. The pop was also sitting there for days so it was warm. It would have actually been less weird if they would have just taken the whole thing, I probably would have just assumed I’d gone crazy. It didn’t really bother Keith that much but it just weirded me the heck out. Ugh.

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