dining room

The dining room is to the left when you walk in the front door.

dining room

Keith and I were both pretty excited to have a dining room after eating dinner at the coffee table for 3 years.

dining room

dining room

dining room built-in

And the pictures of the dining room are still pretty accurate because we bought their furniture. (The china closet and built in are completely empty though because I don’t (yet) have knick knacks.) They offered to sell the furniture to us and while it’s not quite my style, it works for the time being. We got the china closet, buffet, table (with 3 leaves) and 6 chairs, and the rugs in the dining room and entry way for 450$. Pretty good deal considering you might have been able to buy one of those things for that price. And now I’m not in a mad rush to find the perfect dining room furniture.

My favorite thing about the room are the hardwood floors and the wainscoting. And the windows. There are 4 windows and they bring in a ton of light. The wallpaper isn’t even that offensive. But since wallpaper in general offends me, it will be going. Someday. I do love the dark blue in there so much that I bought paint similar to that.

It’s Azurite by Martha Stewart and it’s gorrrrrrrrrrgeous. That picture makes me want to add some sort of pink/coral to the room.

So the plans for that room include:

-eventually ripping down that wallpaper (but I am not in any hurry)

-painting everything that is off white – WHITE (these people loved their creams and taupes, blech)

– I would like to spray paint the chandelier a silver of some sort, I don’t dig brass.

– I think I’d like to try to frame out that built-in, it looks sort of incomplete.

-Some sort of window treatments for the windows. Two of them face woods but two of them face the street and that weirds me out.

-Replace the furniture/rugs with something more modern, also in no hurry.

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