master bedroom

The master bedroom is a pretty nice room.



It is a very large room and the three windows (even though two are tiny) bring in tons of light. (Have you noticed I like light?) The closet is pretty big and that white strip behind the off-white (seriously! what is with the nasty off-white color?!) door is a door to more storage space. It actually runs the whole length of the wall, but is more of a crawl space than closet, but will still be great for winter things.

Plans for the bedroom are:

-a drink. just kidding, paint! I really don’t like the brownish walls. I couldn’t decide on a bedroom paint color but finally this one jumped out at me. It’s Martha Stewart Washed Denim. I love blues, if you couldn’t tell. I’m hoping that it brings in a lot of color without being too in your face. (I hope. I have two gallons of it already.)

-I actually didn’t realize the carpet was green until after we closed. I hate green. It’s in fine shape though so I can’t justify replacing it yet. But one day.

-A bedframe. We have a plan metal bedframe that the bed sits on, but no head/footboard. We want something, but don’t want to spend a ton because we eventually want to upgrade from our full sized bed.

leirvik bed frame – ikea

-We like this bed from Ikea and it’s only 89$.

Micke desk – ikea

 – I also want a desk that I can use as a vanity since my bathroom is too small. I decided on this desk because it is modern and has some storage. Regular vanities are not my style, have close to no storage and are insanely expensive. This is 79$ and has everything I want.

-We also want a low dresser. We have a tall dresser and I feel like we need something low to balance the room. And so I don’t have to keep my jeans on the top shelf of the closet.

The bedroom is next on my to-paint list. Which I will eventually get back to. I turned in the last two assingments for my Archaeology class today, so I spend from now until Monday studying for my Phsyical Anthropology final and then I’m freeeee! Until summer term starts. But I’m only taking one online class (Abnormal Psych) so hopefully it won’t take up too much of my time.

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