wigle whiskey

A few weekends ago, Keith and I went on a tour of Wigle Whiskey. (prounounced “wiggle” – so cute!)

Keith and I are completely opposites in our alcohol preferences. I don’t like the taste of anything aside from cider, a few fruity beers and an occasional margarita. I just recently (in the past few years) decided that I like a few (FEW) wines.

Keith is very adventerous, likes to try everything and keeps up on local happenings re: new breweries/distilleries/etc.

He had mentioned Wigle a few times in the past few months and I finally said that I would go on a tour with him if he wanted. He kind of expressed surprise since I probably have zero interest in liquor of any sort, but I figured tours are fun!

lobby ceiling of Wigle Whiskey

 So the afternoon after I said goodbye to Frankie, we went down for a tour. Tours are 20$ per person and spots can be reserved on their website.

Our tour consisted of us and a family (who lived right next to our old apartment building – how freaky!). Apparently two more couples were scheduled but never showed up, so it was nice and intimate. Before the tour began, we were given cocktails made with the whiskey. The recipes are on their website and both varities they had for us were delicious.

this was the summerset – with pomegranate and ginger beer – yum.

No picture of the other coctail but it was the Yard Work with lemongrass and ginger beer. I had one of each! They also had some crackers and cheese out for munching. I don’t know if I was just particularly hungry but they were some of the best crackers I’ve ever had. We chatted for a bit while waiting to see if the other couples would show up, but they didn’t, so our tour began.

The tour was given by Eric and it is both informative and entertaining. He walks you through not only their process in the distillery, but the story of their namesake, Phillip Wigle. Since the tour is with such a small group, it is really easy to ask questions. (I’ve been on huge tours – Brooklyn Brewery and Great Lakes – and there were way too many people for me to feel comfortable asking anything.)

wigle whiskey

After the tour, you are given small samples of both the wheat and the rye (along with some water) for tasting. I think my consensus was I liked the wheat better.

After the tasting, they gave us some cookies and we made the most adorable purchase.

mini barrel!

Since they haven’t been open too long, they currently only sell white whiskey, but they sell these teeny little barrels for you to age your own. They are so stinkin’ adorable, I had to have one. The small barrels (50$) hold one bottle of whiskey and the (slightly) larger barrels (60$) hold two bottles.

I was incredibly impressed with the whole visit. It’s a family-run operation and everyone was incredibly nice and knew what they were talking about. (Keith asks a lot of questions, haha.) It’s also refreshing to see people who very obviously love their jobs. I would definitely recommend going on a tour – even if you don’t like whiskey.

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  1. So cool! Andy and I have to look into that. We like to tour breweries too!


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