befores: laundry, sunroom

Hello! It’s been a while. I was all gung-ho on this virtual house tour and then I forgot all about it. I also had pretty much zero motivation for anything house-related so I took a little break from that too. So now I am going to show you two befores!

The laundry room and the sun room. Both of these rooms have something neat in common…they both used to be porches! Happily, they were closed in, giving us some extra square footage. (Though it might have been nice to have a screened in porch, which I believe the sun room was screened in.)

But anyways, pictures:

In case you’ve forgotten, the laundry room is off the kitchen and semi-open to it thanks to this cool little window:


And the slatted doors that I pretty much cut off in that picture. It’s also a step down, so it further separates the space.

This is from the kitchen doorway:


The pictures were taken in February, so luckily the snow is gone, but that hideously pink paint is still up. It looks even worse now that the kitchen has true white. I love that counter (although it is currently covered in painting supplies) and that window goes the whole length of the room.


There is also another window on the other side so this room brings a ton of light into the kitchen. It’s also really nice to look out on the yard. It would be extra nice if Daisy wasn’t afraid to be out there. The counter will be great for folding clothes (if it is ever cleaned off) and there are huge cupboards under it that store things that don’t quite fit in the kitchen (crock pots, george foreman grill).

I chose Behr’s Lively Yellow for this room. I was pretty set on a yellow from the beginning and I think it will look great with all the light it gets while not trying to complete with my candy shop of a kitchen. (I’ve decided my kitchen color scheme reminds me of a candy shop; so I’m going with it.)

Behr’s Lively Yellow on the bottom. source:

Speaking of yellow…and suns…here is the sun room. Or family room. (Currently ladder room). Hopefully future playroom.

This room is off of the living room and like I said before, was also a porch.

family room

(Reminder: all furniture belonged to previous owners)

family room

I love that window! The inside part still opens!

family room (has outside door)

It even has it’s own door! (As an aside: our house has 4 doors and 3 different keys. Not because 2 doors share a key but because they didn’t leave a key to the basement (aka the MOST USED door – it’s right off the driveway!) We have plans to replace doorknobs so that we can have one key for all doors. I can never see using either of the back doors (the other is in the laundry room) so it is really silly that they all are different.)

I love the sun room. It has so many windows! It looks kind of  narrow in these pictures, but that’s just the furniture they had in there, it’s a really nice size room. Right now it is just a catch-all room. We have a few ladders in there, our old tv stand and table, a few boxes that still need unpacked (oops). The problem is we have a game room, and we have a living room and we don’t have three sets of furniture. So it’s probably going to remain pretty unused for a while. I think it would make a great playroom for kids, it’s right off the living room, but it has a physical door that can be shut to contain the mess. But kids aren’t in the cards for several years. (Sorry moms)

The laundry room will hopefully be painted soon, but don’t hold your breaths for an after on the sun room.

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