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The theme of this weekend was gardening. And oh does every muscle in my body feel it.

We had plans Saturday morning to hit up a bunch of garage sales in our neighborhood and maybe an estate sale a bit further away. We also decided while we were out Saturday we would go to Bakerstown Feed and Garden Center to get some flowers for my window boxes.

Sad, empty window boxes. But the iris bloomed in the past few days and she’s a beauty.

So Keith lucked out at the very first garage sale we went to and managed to get two hoses on a reel, a power washer and two sets of hedge trimmers for 7$. We probably stopped at a dozen houses and I bought a pyrex dish, a vase and a mirror for 6$. Keith definitely won that round. It was close to 10am when we finished the garage sale-ing so we decided we’d skip the estate sale. We went home to unload our stuff and then went up to Bakerstown. We wandered around for a bit and Keith brought up the idea of planting a tree to mark our moving into the house. (He’s so cute!) We wandered from the decorative trees to the fruit trees and Keith decided we should buy an apple tree. I kind of wanted a cherry tree but when we rounded the corner and saw one lone honeycrisp apple tree, I knew it was the one.

We then found our way into one of the greenhouses and some lovely lady helped me pick out what to plant in my window boxes.


I ended up with vinca vine for the ends, bacopa for the front and red geraniums for the back. As soon as I finished planting, I was a little underwhelmed, but the more I look at them, the happier they make me.
IMG_6055And the happier they make the house! It’s very subtle from the road, but hopefully will become a little more noticeable as the bacopa fills in. I was really worried about the far right box as it’s not reachable from the ground. I was all ready to plant it from inside the window when I poked my head out and found that it just lifts up and can be removed. So we removed it, I planted it and Keith replaced it.

After I planted those, I repotted the geranium Keith’s aunt Pam gave us (in a planter the previous owners left), so now there’s some color near the porch.

It’s okay if you’re jealous of my hostas, I didn’t plant them. I have been feeding them steroids though.

I also weeded for about 2 hours yesterday while Keith cut the grass. I had to have Keith come take care of this one though.

Yikes! 3′ high jagger thing. (I just googled jaggerbush (even though it’s not a bush) to see if there was a real name for it and it autofilled to say “jaggerbush pittsburghese.” I had no idea jaggerbush was Pittsburghese! What do the rest of you people call bush-size jaggers?)

That thing was behind the house in our herb garden. It is filled with things that I have no idea what they are…but I do know what this is…

A whollllllllllle lotta mint. And while Keith was at the grocery store, he picked up some limes and we had some much deserved mojitos.


And Daisy had a waffle.
daisy and her waffle!

And we apparently weren’t exhausted enough, because we woke up today and planted a tree and a bush. But I forgot to take pictures, so I’ll show ya later.

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  1. You did a great job with the flowers for the window boxes. Your house is so pretty! I just bought my first house, i am just waiting on my closing date! I want to start doing diy projects as soon as I get moved in, I am so excited!

    I enjoy your blog!


    • Hi Asia, thanks so much! It is all so exciting (but also so exhausting haha). I can’t wait to see your house!

  2. I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta state thanks for the post on this great one : D.


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