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I am so busy these days. Weekends go by in a total blur, we’re running from here to there and even when I’m at home there are a million things to do. I miss the pre-house weekends when my favorite thing to do was sit around all weekend doing nothing.

Last weekend was no exception. I babysat Friday night, which was pretty nice. By the time I got there, it was bath time, then we watched a movie, I put them to bed and read until the parents came home. The dad got home first and while chatting he says, “How come they like you so much?” ” Um because I am still their age on the inside?” He said as soon as they found out I was coming over, they were jumping up and down haha.

Sometimes I feel like I am a grown adult, why am I still babysitting? But then I hear something like that or have a nice quiet moment where the kids scootch a little closer and it’s all worth it. One of the last times I babysat the little boy kept calling me Gina. Finally I said “WHO is Gina?!” His sister then explained that is their other babysitter. I mentioned something to a girl at work about the conversation and she asked if it bothered me that they had another babysitter. “Nah, maybe it would have at one time, but I am so busy these days I don’t mind. But it would bother me if they liked her better than me.”  Haha, so mature.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to more garage sales. I bought an Atlas jar, a blue Ball jar (both with glass lids) and a blue vase. I find I enjoy garage sales of old men the best. Old women usually have stuff that is clearly old-women-y. Young couples usually have tons of kid stuff, which I don’t need. Old men have cool house stuff.

Then we went to brunch at Verde. We have been to Verde probably more than any other restaurant this year (4-5 times since November) and it has never disappointed. We have been trying to go to brunch since they started offering it a few weeks ago and finally made it.

Brunch always stumps me. I can never decide if I want to go sweet or savory and as soon as I order one, I want the other.   

burch at verde

I ordered caballeros pobres which was huge pieces of french toast stuffed with a mild jalapeño cream cheese, covered in mango marmalade with cinnamon infused syrup. Which was excellente. Also bizcocho which is a plaintain/corn bisquit. (hooray for bread!) Keith got the chilaquiles, which I also wanted. They were the star of the brunch and I couldn’t stop stealing them. We will definitely be back.

After a very delightful nap when we got home, I finished a little craft I was doing:


I missed Memorial Day, but I figure that sucker can stay up until Labor Day. I saw the wreath on pinterest and knew I could do it. All it is is a wreath (I bought a straw one because it was cheaper), felt and straight pins. I bought 350 straight pins and 6 pieces of each color felt and got this far:

(towel underneath because the straw wreath shed EVERYWHERE.)

I then ran out and bought 450 more pins and 2 more pieces of red and white (I still had blue). It was a pretty cheap project and pretty easy (though time consuming). I just watched some tv while I worked. (I recommend a thimble or something to push the pins in with because doing 400+ hurts.)

I had wanted to buy a wreath for a while because there is a hook in the front door and the wood is semi-faded in a wreath shape.  (Which must mean they had always had one.)



I think it looks pretty darn cute! (Don’t mind the grass, we’re going for the hillbilly chic look.) Sunday included the fastest Ikea trip ever, but that’s another post.

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