record breaking ikea trip

Sunday was the day I had been waiting 2 months for: Ikea trip! We are lucky that we have an Ikea here in Pittsburgh, but from the North Hills, it’s not exactly close. We also didn’t think we could fit the things we needed to buy in either of our cars, but luckily Keith’s mom let us borrow her Subaru.

So we were in and out of Ikea in 47 minutes, which included walking all around the show floor, loading our furniture on the dolly-thing, paying and unloading into the car. I could spend 2 hours in Ikea without buying a thing, so I was pretty impressed. We then came home and lugged it up two flights of stairs, because everything was intended for the bedroom.


Daisy came up to hang out on her bed while we built our bed.

We got the Leirvik, which along with being the bed we liked the most, was only 89$. It took less than an hour to put together as it’s only like 6 pieces. We opted not to buy the bed slats, as we had a box spring, but as soon as we got the mattress on, I regretted that. With the box springs and the mattress, our bed is just about 75ft tall. I was afraid Daisy wouldn’t be able to get in the bed, so we called her back up to test it.

Warning: Daisy photo shoot ahead:




She actually spent the next three hours up there which is unheard of for her. She prefers to floor to anything (couch, bed). The more I look at the bed, the more I think we might just keep it like that. (I had initially wanted to go back and get the slats so we could lose some height.) I think it might look weird with more of those vertical bars sticking out.

While Daisy snoozed, I went to work building my desk.


I got the Micke desk to use as a vanity because I was sick of using the edge of the bathroom sink. It took me 2-3 hours to put together. It says it’s a two person job, but aside from 2 instances where I had to call for Keith, I did it all myself.


Upside-down mirror.

I had planned to buy a rectangular mirror to hang on the wall behind it, but I found this mirror at a garage sale for 5$ and figured I could just use it. I didn’t like the curved top, so I unscrewed the legs and flipped it upside down!


After I took this, I ended up moving it even higher so you don’t see the reflection of the back of the desk because that was really bugging me. The desk is also neat in that you can build it with the cupboard on either side. My original plan was to paint the mirror glossy white, but it kind of goes how it is, so I will probably let laziness prevail and leave it as is. Until I decide it drives me crazy.

I didn’t buy a chair for it yet, I’m just using an old dining room chair for now. Keith suggested that so I can decide what height I want the chair to be. He’s so smart.

After the bed was all together, I went to put a sheet on it and got so fed up with the sheets not fitting (our mattress is too deep), I made it my mission on Monday to acquire new sheets. (Side note: I thought I was buying a set of sheets at Ikea, but I got home and realized it was a duvet cover. Oh well.) After scouring online reviews, I ran to Target after work and got some sheets that fit! Except I kind of forgot what color the bedroom walls were and ending up matching the sheets to the future dining room color, so they don’t match the bedroom walls exactly, but they sure are soft.

Hooray for new sheets and new furniture!

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