consistency is blue

Not much has been up with the house since I painted the bedroom. I still need to touch up the trim, but just haven’t felt like it. This weekend doesn’t look good either, because I have a paper due and we are going to a wedding. I’m in no rush though.

Even if I don’t spend my weekdays doing house-y things, I do spend them reading home improvement blogs, my favorite of which is Young House Love. They have a gorgeous home, seem really down to earth and aren’t afraid to get to work!

Another blog I really like is Teal and Lime. I found her blog from pinterest, her dining room must be pinned a million times. It was through her blog that I found my future dining room color.

She recently posted pictures of her guest bathroom, which she had painted in Martha Stewart – Enamelware.


I immediately fell in love with the color. It is so fresh and bright and clean. Even though I have already picked out (and purchased) the paint for most of the house I was trying to find a place I could use it. Maybe the powder room? Or one of the upstairs bedrooms? Too bad I already had my laundry room color because it would look great in there against the blue of the kitch…wait a second…


behr - aqua breezeBehr- Aqua Breeze

martha stewart - enamelwareMartha Stewart – Enamelware


Yeaaaa, almost the same exact color I already have in my kitchen. At least I’m consistent!

*See the exposed light switches? They might still look like that. The switches are almond, I bought white ones to replace them and refuse to put the covers on until they are replaced. Because if we put the covers on without replacing them, they will never get replaced. Although it doesn’t look like they will ever get replaced this way either. Ha.

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