fourth of july treats!

So Tuesday after work Keith was headed to a baseball game and I headed home to get my bake on. I was making cupcakes and two kinds of rice crispy treats because I kept coming across recipes that I just haaaaaaaaaad to make.

First up: cupcakes in cones.

Wayyy back in 2008, my friend Lauren had a graduation party and asked Elyse and I to bring cupcakes. She and her sister-in-law were also baking so it was going to be a cupcake fest. Elyse and I decided to make one kind of cupcakes for looks and one kind for taste. The tasty ones were banana boston cream pie cupcakes (soooo goood) and the adorable ones were the cupcakes in cones.

When it came time to transport the cupcake cones, though, we had a little problem. I was carrying them in a mini muffin tin, which was all fine and well until we got in the car. The cupcakes, once iced, became top heavy and were flying all over the place. And then we get into Lauren’s neighborhood and it is all cobblestone streets. Needless to say, all the icing was smeared everywhere and the cupcakes were way less adorable. It was so frustratingly hilarious though and the kids still loved them, but I knew I needed a plan for this year. Enter: disposable aluminum baking sheets. 

 ice cream cupcakes

Flipped upside-down with holes cut in them, they were the perfect little platform for the cupcakes.

ice cream cupcake

I used funfetti which I dyed blue and used this method to stripe the icing. (Use two “plugs” one with each color.)

daisy loves cupcakes

Even Daisy was impressed!

I’ve been wanting to make these cake batter rice krispie treats, so I figured what better time than our nation’s birthday?!

 bday cake treats

The consensus was that they didn’t taste a thing like cake (I used a heaping 1/3 cup of cake mix), but at least they were really cute?

I couldn’t make regular-ish rice krispie treats without making red, white and blue ones. So I did.

red white and blue treats

I took a standard recipe (6cups cereal, 3T butter, 1 bag mini marshmallows) and split it in three.

I did the red layer first and it went this far.

a little short

That was not going to cut it. So I did another half of that – so each color was 3 cups cereal, 1.5T of butter and 150g of marshmallows (I love you, kitchen scale).

Much better. Also, let me say, gel food coloring does not mess around. I’m a little embarrassed it took me so long to buy some, but I am so glad I did. Look at that red!

still life: baking
 And, as you can see the treats were a hit!

adam loves treats!

 giana and the cupcake cone

Like father, like daughter.

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  2. Thought i commented before…i guess it didnt post. I love the ice cream cone cupcakes and think the rice krispie treats look great with their food coloring. Looks sooo yummy.


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