it gets worse before it gets better…

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Keith went out of town this weekend and aside from some babysitting, I had only one goal in mind: tackle the living room. The last time I touched anything in the living room was in April. My friends Ryan and Seth came over one night and attempted to help remove the wallpaper.  We didn’t get very far.


Seth, me, Ryan

This was shortly after they got here (photo stolen from my mom’s camera). That yellow thing is a clothes steamer. I would steam and they would scrape.


Ryan, me, Seth

This was two hours later. At that rate, I was sure the living room was going to take weeks. Keith’s step-dad saw the time we were having and went to Lowe’s and bought us a real wallpaper steamer, but I was so over wallpaper at that point that I didn’t touch it until Friday. I sort of regret waiting so long now because it is a dream to work with!

ugly wall

The spot on the left is what was done by three people in 2 hours (in April), the spot on the right is what I was able to do by myself in 2 hours Friday night.

more progress

I spent another ~2 hours this morning and was able to get that far. It might not actually take a year! When I first found there were 5 layers of wallpaper on that wall, it was too late to just paint over it and I considered knocking down the wall just to not have to deal with it. The actual wallpaper steamer and a 1″ putty knife (to scrape) really make all the difference though.  And all the mess.


10lbs of wallpaper


The white marks are where the grey paint came up to reveal plaster. The brown = 60 year old wallpaper glue. Ugh. One of my more annoying discoveries was that they put all of the molding on top of the wallpaper. I thought that just the dental molding was on top and was trying to pry it up so I could get all the wallpaper when I found that it goes all the way up to the ceiling. There is no way that I am removing the molding (just to put it back) so I will have to figure out some way to mask the fact that the molding is probably 4mm off the wall.

I can not wait to finish this task. Luckily we don’t really use the living room but you see it when you come into the house/go upstairs/are in the dining room and it is currently so so so ugly. Luckily that’s also some motivation there. Don’t want to keep looking at that disgusting wall. I will conquer you yet, wallpaper.


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  1. yeeeeaaaahhhhh katrina! it’s looking better all the time!

    Also, you look so pretty in that picture with Ryan and Seth, the one where you are smiling at the camera. You’re so hott!

  2. yay! every little bit counts & youll forget about all of the hard labour when its finished and looking fabulous… xx Cat


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