dogs and weddings and photography, oh my!

So I’ve done nothing house-related in the past week, but figured I could post a general life update, because why not?

Last week, we had another sibling dinner, this time at my sister Mandy’s house. She didn’t take the easy way out like I did and actually cooked out. We ate some delicious food and my mom sent up some old pictures for us to look at, so that was amusing. My sister has two dogs, Junior and Jackson and I spent a lot of time hanging out on the floor with them. 


This picture of Jackson kills me. He could be Daisy’s little brother.



Sleepy Junior.



sam and me
Me and my baby brother who is almost a foot taller than me.

Daisy felt left out so here is a funny picture of her mid-yawn.


Last weekend, we went to New Jersey for Keith’s cousin’s wedding. We didn’t leave until after work Friday, so we stayed somewhere in PA before finishing the drive Saturday morning. “You have arrived at your destination,” the GPS said as we pulled up to an abandoned gas station. It was just after 11p.m. and we were in the middle-of-nowhere PA and our hotel was nowhere to be found. We drove around for 20 minutes down these terrifying and foggy backwoods roads. Google and the GPS thought the gas station was the hotel. Eventually, thanks to Bing maps (of all places) we found it. In the total opposite direction off the highway.

Luckily the rest of the trip went off without a hitch. They had an issue with the photographer and had asked me to take some pictures. I was incredibly nervous to do so but ending up having a lot of fun! My pictures aren’t anything to write home about, but some are decent! I also felt really cool running around and taking pictures during the ceremony.

allison & jonathon 7.28.12

Probably my favorite picture, edited with “colorize” from the Pioneer Woman’s actions. After the reception, we were all staying at the same hotel so we went back and took over the lobby for the rest of the night. We ordered pizza and everyone just hung out and it was a lot of fun!

I also fell madly in love with the bed. We were staying in a Marriott and the bed was like sleeping on a cloud. I was trying to figure out how I could smuggle it home, but had no success. Apparently you can buy the bed from the Marriott for the low, low price of ~3k. I am seriously considering saving up for it because it was that amazing.

allison & jonathon 7.28.12

I made Keith stand around the church so I could figure out my camera settings before it began. (I was pretending I knew what I was doing.) I’ve decided this is his GQ cover. (Edited with another PW action.)

 i'm a pro

I forgot my sweater at home so here I am rocking Keith’s jacket at the reception. I look so profesh.


I had so much fun taking pictures at the wedding, I figured it was high-time I learned how to really use my camera. Through Pitt, you can take some classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers so on Monday I dropped one of my fall classes and signed up for Basic Digital Photography and I could not be more excited. Yay!

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  1. oh Katrina, that’s awesome! you found a new hobby…you are so artistic. I had no idea the story behind the pics, but I did see a couple on FB and I thought they looked fab…

    Keith is such a handsome guy and you definitely made him look stunning!


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