21st grade

So it’s that time of the year again. School is in session. And there goes all my free time. Actually, only of of my classes started this week, Intro to Microeconomics. I know. Snoooooooze. Thankfully it is online and will consist of 7 quizzes and 3 projects. It seems pretty straight forward so far. I had a question about the reading and my professor responded to my email within the minute, so that’s pretty reassuring.

My other class, Basic Digital Photography is held at Pittsburgh Filmmakers and doesn’t start until next Thursday. I am incredibly excited, but also really dreading it because it’s 6-9 at night. Boo.

Last weekend, I asked Keith to help me with the living room wallpaper some because I knew it would be the last free weekend for a while.

We made some progress.

this was what we started with Saturday

where we gave up Saturday

Some progress. Not a ton. It’s kind of horrible that it is not much faster with one person vs two since we only have one steamer. There is not too much left, but there is also probably a 2ft wide piece of wall on the other side of that door, so there is still a bit to go. And once it comes down we are left with this:

leftover glue/chunks/ew

So the wall will have to be scrubbed down big time and patched before I can even think of painting.  Sigh.  At least after this is done, there is only half a room worth of wallpaper left (the dining room). I’m also extra thankful we didn’t end up in the first house we looked at. There was wallpaper in EVERY room. I would have died.

This weekend Keith and I are going camping and taking Daisy! There’s a chance of rain 2/3 days that we’re going, so cross your fingers that holds off. I will hopefully have lots of pictures to share once we get back!

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  1. hi dear, this is really nice !!! hope you have a happy day there. be happy dear. love rv.


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