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I was off work today, I had taken off to go camping but even though we didn’t go camping, I could not find the motivation to go to work. So I stayed home and got crafty!

I have been wanting to make a menu board for a while.

Source: via Katrina on Pinterest

I’ve seen a bunch of them on pinterest and while adorable, I thought it would also help with menu planning/grocery shopping. My first goal was to make a list of 30 meals. Almost everything I cook results in leftovers, so 30 meals would mean we had enough meals to last a month+. I used a label template from Avery to type up the meals (also including leftovers, dinner out, order in). I also put the ingredients for each meal on the back. That way, when planning out that weeks meals, I can just pull them out and jot down my grocery list! Perfect! (Except one row got messed up and has the wrong ingredients but I didn’t realize it until today…oops.)

I was torn on whether I wanted to use a cork board or a magnetic board but everything was too plain. I did find a great chunky teal framed cork board on Target’s website, but it was 25$ plus shipping and that was a little much.  I went to Target today to see if they had anything interesting in the store and came across this stainless steel magnetic board for 9$. It was totally plain, but I liked that it was square and didn’t have an ugly frame.  Right next to the board, I found my inspiration. A 4 pack of washi tape and two sets of magnets all in coordinating teals/green/white.

Then I came home, sat on the couch with everything and the last three episodes of Bunheads (meh) and got to crafting. The most time consuming part was the meal cards. I had just printed them on white cardstock so they were really boring. I cut a piece of washi tape in half and added it to the top and bottom. The card holders are just two halves of a random little box, attached with double-sided tape. Everything else is held up by magnets!

menu board!

I think it’s pretty darn adorable, if I do say so myself! Now I just need to hang it in the kitchen! Altogether it was a pretty cheap craft.

9$ for the board
6$ for the magnets (3$ a pack)
4$ for 4 rolls of washi tape (lots left over)

19$ total!

Not too bad!

If I keep this up, I’m going to need a craft room!

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  1. Wow! Cool idea…way more planning and patience than i have, but i can continue to admire you haha.


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