another house that could have been

The house we bought was the fifth house we looked at, this was the fourth house. It was the house I was most excited to look at after seeing pictures online.

The Cranberry house:

right off the bat, it’s adorable.

it was only on .39 acres so the backyard was severely lacking.

though there was this adorable bridge over the creek

This was the one house we looked at that was in a plan. I am not really a fan of plans for a few reasons, but probably the biggest being the fact that my childhood home had these fantastic woods and fields behind and a gorgeous farm across the way…until Maronda (or whoever) bought them up and ruined the place of my childhood adventures. (I realize I am insane.)

This house also had 4 bedrooms, 2 car garage, deck…all those points we were looking for.

a dedicated office off the entry

first floor powder room

formal living room with bay windows

dining room with doors that lead out to the (large) deck

apparently i only have this horrible picture but the kitchen was my FAVORITE part. brand new, gorgeous white cabinets and granite counter tops and it just looked like it was from a magazine. and the family room

family room, LOVED that it was open concept, loved the doors out to the deck

and then there was this room upstairs. i can just imagine falling off that ladder. (i almost did out of fear.)


it was a decently sized room and there was a storage area off the loft, but I just could not imagine lugging anything up that nearly vertical ladder.

the other two bedrooms were boring enough that I only took a picture of one.

I also apparently forgot to take a picture of the upstairs bathroom (boring) or the upstairs laundry room (amazing!!).

the master bedroom was massive with a cathedral ceiling and an enormous closet.

my 2nd favorite part was the master bath. gorgeous!

shedding a tear for the tub that never was. 😦

So we didn’t even make an offer on this house because we were so in love with the other house. This house was also at the top of our price range, but we had found out that the sellers had to pick up and move for a job so the house was vacant and they were very motivated.

Reasons I am not sad about this house:

1. Too expensive.

2. I just felt out of place in it. Everything was SO new and SO nice and I mean, heck yea I deserve new and nice but it just didn’t feel like home.

3. The yard was puny and unusable.

4. Although Keith’s commute would have been extremely short, mine would have been miserable.

5. The houses were super close together and on all sides, pretty much no privacy.

When looking the house back up for this post, it turns out it sold, in May, for asking price. Good for them. I will never forget you, bathtub.

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  1. sarah

     /  October 19, 2012

    Still love your house! I do like the bay windows in this one. And it is beautiful from the front.


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