odds and ends

We went to a rummage sale at Keith’s mom’s church two weeks ago to potentially look for furniture. Keith had gotten some of his first apartment furniture at the sale a few years ago, so we figured we’d go and have a look. Well, the place was enormous, but we didn’t have much luck with the furniture.

I really want a long dresser for our bedroom and they had a few dressers and a few buffets. The dressers were not that nice, but really cheap (30-60$). I fell in love with one of the buffets and figured I could repurpose it into a clothes-holder. The price tag said 600$ which seemed INSANE. They had a dining room table/chair set for 12$! So I asked a lady if that was correct and she looked at me like I was out of my mind. “Yes, that’s correct, it’s [brand].” Needless to say, I had never heard of the name, but also pretty much the only furniture manufacturer I know by name is Ikea, so there’s that.

So my hopes were squashed. There was a metal bench/glider thing for the porch there that I would have bought, but Keith vetoed that. (It was ugly/green, I wanted to paint it, he said no.)

I did have some luck with little odds and ends and ended up with all of this for 15$.

fun junk!

All the bakeware was 2$, I got two muffin tins (those always come in handy), a bundt pan (my first!, this one is Nordic Ware and heavvvvy), and a set of 4 little loaf pans that are connected (already used these for mini-meatloaves!) The set of cereal bowls was 3$ and too cute to pass up. The little blue bottle was 1$ and useless, but pretty. The letterpress 8 was 2$ and since 8 is my favorite number I couldn’t pass it up!

There was a table with a bunch of letterpress letters/numbers and though I really wanted to buy them all, I told myself that I could only buy them if I could spell something. And I did! Though, not technically spelling and not technically accurate for another year or so, I was excited to find two K’s! (Also my favorite letter, for obvious reasons.) (1$ per letter.)


They also had rooms of toys and clothes, and we got a (probably 20 year old) version of Trivial Pursuit for a dollar. And I got this sweatshirt, which Keith hates haha. I find it hilarious that the previous owner(‘s parents, if we’re being honest) spent tens of thousands of dollars to go there and I bought his shirt for 2$.  I am easily amused.

what? i’m totally still in highschool.

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  1. sarah

     /  October 19, 2012

    Thee actual odds and ends you bought of bakeware items are like the same things I found in my grandma’s house when I moved in and cleaned everything. Too funny.

    Also I think it is funny keith said no to you on a project. Or at least, that you blogged about haha.

    • Haha oh man, jackpot! I wish I would have found cool things in our house!

      Keith does say no on occasion. I want to paint the brick fireplace, but he won’t let me do that either haha.


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