I am sitting here waiting for trick or treaters, but it is becoming more and more obvious that we won’t be getting any.

We are the first house on our street and there are no streetlights on our street. The closest house to us doesn’t have their lights on and so I’m sure no one will be walking all the way down here just for us.

current view out our front windows.

Daisy was all ready, I was all ready…

her halloween t-shirt.

waiting for trick or treaters.

I guess I know for next year not to buy 8 bags of candy. Although I think I want to have a Halloween party next year. My friend Chris used to have the best Halloween parties and I really miss them.

I am excited that I got some discount Halloween decorations at Kohl’s the other day.


That skull was 19.99 marked down to 3.99! (Who would buy that for 20$?!) The set of bottles was 5.99 and the lanterns were 8.99. I can’t wait to set them all up on the mantel next year. That’s one hidden cost of buying a house…buying holiday decorations! My plan is to be totally un-festive all year and hit up the post-holiday sales.


Okay, 90 minutes in and no kids, I’m taking the candy to the basement.

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  1. wow…look at you all decorated and stuff, i don’t even do that haha


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