eve 6


On Tuesday, Keith and I went to see Eve 6 and Everclear. We found out they were coming about a month ago and up until that point, I had no idea that Eve 6 was still a band. I got into Eve 6 when Inside Out came out (1998) and have loved them ever since. Along with Alkaline Trio, they are the oldest two bands to continually find their way onto every computer/iPod/iPhone I have owned. Keith is a fan as well, but a huge fan of Everclear.

The show was great. I haven’t been to a show in a really long time because I really can’t take the whole standing in one spot through multiple opening bands thing. There were two opening bands, and they were okay, but I could have done without them. Oh the show was also byob(aby).


Luckily, this guy was only standing directly in front of me for the very first band, then he and his baby left.

Eve 6 had a great set, they played 3-4 new songs that I didn’t know, but the rest was oldies and goodies. And of course they closed with Inside Out. I probably would have paid to hear that song alone, it was so great. Definitely worth the 14 year wait.


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  1. Heart in a blender…


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