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So. Whew. No new developments with either our fridge or plumbing issues. The plumbing issue has settled down a bit and we can actually shower without too much worry. The refrigerator repair man stood Keith up last Thursday but is supposed to come tomorrow. I really really hope they can fix it under warranty. It is incredibly annoying to have to lug all my dinner stuff up/down the stairs every day. But I am really thankful that we do have another fridge because otherwise we would have been living off of canned soup for the past two weeks.

When I last posted I said that I finished my Microeconomics class with a B. Well, literally the next day, the professor emails that he posted a bonus assignment! I was really excited because I was tempted to ask if there was any way to earn some bonus but I was sooo over the class that I refused to ask for more work. Well I finally sat down at work today and went through the bonus. It was 10 questions and I needed to answer 8 to get an A.

I told my coworker, Sarah, to cross her fingers with me while I hit submit. And as luck would have it, I got 8/10! I don’t think I would have been more excited with 9/10 or 10/10. So now I have an A! I seriously can’t get over it. I really didn’t like that class and felt that I have retained exactly no knowledge. Thankfully, I shouldn’t ever have to deal with it again. But I do have to take Macroeconomics at some point…so here’s hoping they have absolutely nothing in common.

I have two more photography classes before the semester ends and I’ll be sad for it to end. I keep going back and forth over taking another photography class next semester. From my class, I can either go on to Intermediate Photography, Portrait Photography or Black and White. I’m not really interested in Black and White (although it is film so that would be neat), Portrait is not offered in the Spring…so I have been toying with Intermediate. I had mostly decided not to take it and just work on taking more photographs in the Spring/Summer and take Portrait next fall…but I don’t know. I don’t really want to have three classes next semester especially since I wouldn’t be taking the photography class for credit. If I didn’t have the other classes, I would for sure take it.

I guess I have never posted any of the pictures I took for class on here, so maybe I’ll post some over the next few days. Everyone loves looking at pictures!

One of our first assigments dealt with ISO:

low iso

Low ISO: 200

sunset over pnc parkMid ISO: 800

High ISO: 3200

I miss September.

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