goodbye hideously ugly wall!

So this weekend my mom came up to help me tackle my living room. When I last left off, it looked like this:



Pretty gross. All of those white spots on the wall were where the original paint had flaked off. Friday night found me scrubbing the walls with DIF to get the last of the wallpaper glue off (that lovely brown residue). It took almost 4 hours of scrubbing to clean the wall. Again, very thankful it was ONLY that wall.

Saturday, my mom arrived and we went to Lowe’s to get joint compound. First we went and filled all the random nailholes (there were dozens!) then we mixed a bunch with water to a cake-batter consistency and then rolled it on the wall. The purpose was twofold: to cover up all the dents and dings and gouges and to add some texture back into the wall so that the spots we spackled didn’t look ridiculous.

After 3 or 4 hours (I lost track), we ended up with this:

living room, plastered.

living room, plastered.

living room, plastered.

Which, after living with mismatched walls for 6 months, was already a gigantic improvement! We were pretty much done for the day at that point, since we had to wait for the plaster to dry. My mom left and I did the one thing I could, paint the back of the built-ins!

It is always amusing opening a can of paint that has sat for a while, case in point:


So the back of the built-ins were red.


And that just wasn’t going to work with my pretty much all blue home color scheme. I did love the two-toned look though, so I painted them blue! (This blue will eventually go in the dining room as well, tying the rooms together nicely. Here’s how they look un-red:

blue bookcases

Phew. I feel better already.

Sunday my mom came up a bit later and before she got there, I painted the ceiling. I almost left it, but I am really glad I painted it because once I got started I realized how off-white it really was.

My mom arrived just as I was finishing up and she started cutting in the walls.

mum painting

I knew the color I picked was close the the wall’s original color, but it became very clear during this step.

living room progress

To the left is what my mom had cut in, to the right is the original wall color. Finally, a decorating decision we had in common!

Once I finished with the ceiling, I followed behing my mom rolling what she had cut in.

living room, painted!

And then, finally, four walls – all the same color!! (Martha Stewart – Zinc)

living room, painted!

living room, painted!

living room, painted!

It still looks a little weird in there with all that cream trim. That will be gone very, very soon but I really hurt my hand from 3 days of non-stop scrubbing/painting/rolling so it will have to wait until this weekend, probably.

Also, it is not a brilliant idea to paint a room with no overhead lighting in December.

All the trim will be glossy white, the built-ins will either go light grey or white, I haven’t decided yet. The top part of the fireplace will be light gray, Keith has convinced me to not paint the fireplace brick as I previously wanted. I might try to see if I can clean it though.

The walls may need a second coat of grey, it is too dark in the morning and too dark in the evening to actually tell, I know I missed a few spots but I am hoping I can just do some touch-ups.

I also need to paint inside the little closet next to the fireplace, probably the same blue as the built-ins but that can be an easy weekend project.

I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted being this close to completion on the living room. It was a real annoyance for me because it looked so awful for so long.

The rest of my projects pretty much only involve painting. There is wallpaper in the dining room that will eventually come down, but it is only the top half of the walls and is already peeling up, so fingers crossed that is easy.

Yay for moms!

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  1. Awesome! It looks great! Cant wait to see all the changes in person at your party!


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