the semester that killed her.

So classes started on January 7th. I am taking U.S. to 1877 online and an Anthopology seminar: Culture Change and Innovation. I had high hopes for the Anthropology class, especially after the instructor got changed to someone I once had as a T.A. and really enjoyed.

Since I started back at school…2.5 years ago, I have somehow lucked out with my classes. I take two at a time and I have somehow managed to have a pretty nice balance between a demanding class and an interesting class. If you haven’t discovered this from the title, this is the semester that all came to and end. The anthropology class may get more interesting but I am drowning in school work. The history class is self-paced which is nice on one hand…but on the other hand I feel like I am never going to catch up. I have 3-4 readings a week for that class. Then there are a set of questions after that I have to answer. Luckily, these are only for my benefit, as the grades in the class will come from only the midterm and final.

The anthropology class is a nightmare so far. I have 80-100 pages of reading each week after which I have to write an essay summing everything up. Then our class, since it is a seminar, is mainly discussion based except NO ONE WANTS TO TALK. There is so much reading and it is so dense that it is really hard to remember anything once class actually rolls around. I feel like I need to do a better job of preparing for the discussions, but it isn’t just me not talking, it is everyone. It is just painful.

Every night after work and pretty much all weekend I am doing schoolwork and I don’t see this ending any time soon…so all painting and home projects are pretty much on hold.

Some potentially exciting news is that there is an insurance adjuster at the house right now. After dealing with the plumbing issue for 2 months, I have had enough. I contacted the home warranty (who of course will cover nothing) and then went onto the homewoner’s insurance. They made it seem like they will cover the majority of the cost, but they are there now inspecting it. I really really really hope they do. While it could have been a lot worse, it is so incredibly inconvenient to only be able to use the basement shower. And only once every 12 hours. And only flush the toilet if someone hasn’t used the shower in the past 5 hours, etc. Luckily Keith is a morning showerer and I am an evening showerer, but still. We shall see.

So don’t hold your breath for any home progress for a while. I was able to sneak 35 minutes of painting in on Saturday, but that was only because I had Monday off. 😦

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