bridesmaid boxes

So. Keith and I are planning a wedding. And by Keith and I, I mean I am. And with a wedding comes a bridal party! I have known who I wanted to ask from pretty early on, but it took a while to actually ask. One of the girls lives out of town, so I wanted something I could send in the mail to her and give to the other girls so everyone could have something cute. So I got my craft on.

I’ll be honest, I totally stole the idea from here.

I used old birchboxes, some ribbon and some stick-on letters from Michael’s.

bridesmaid box

I panicked for a moment when my horizontal ribbon stripe didn’t completely cover the birchbox logo since I was only planning on one. Luckily I realized I could cross them and it looks even cuter that way.

bridesmaid box

Inside, a cheesy little poem. Note the grey/yellow/teal color scheme.

bridesmaid box

Further inside, some awesome glittery tissue paper and some information. Funny story…the “our day” card has the wedding date. Well, it was supposed to. I put the wrong date on all of the cards. Haha. I was one day off. I have been doing that since we (I) initially chose a date. I didn’t realize it was wrong until I was taking these pictures (and after 3/4 girls got their boxes). Embarrassing.
bridesmaid box

Even further inside, a little present. I got the necklaces from etsy and made the little cards.

bridesmaid box

Then there were some inspiration photos with a picture of the actual (potential) location. All of these were swiped from pinterest.

bridesmaid box

And to round it all out, some paint swatches. I told them they can wear whatever sort of dress they want as long as it is teal. The paint swatch is just a suggestion, it could be any of those or none.

The boxes went over really well! I made a simpler one for my man of honor, since I knew he wouldn’t want a necklace/doesn’t have to choose a dress. His included a simple card and a mini bottle of champagne. I was soooo excited about the boxes for months, but all the people I would have wanted to show/tell were the ones getting the boxes, so I couldn’t share!

Luckily all of them said yes! Keith still didn’t ask/tell his guys yet, but there’s still plenty of time!

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  1. Yay! Those are so cute! I didnt realize or know of fancy ways to ask people or i would have done something cute too. Love those boxes and the color scheme! Will your dress have teal in it? Sooo looking forward to your big day!

    • thanks sarah! i am so glad pinterest has been around for my entire wedding planning journey. so much good stuff on there! not sure about the dress yet, i did buy teal shoes!

  2. These are really cute – a great idea – laughed out loud at you getting the wrong date! Lets hope you remember ok for the big day! All the best!

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  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles. You obviously know what you are talking about! Your site is so easy to navigate too, I’ve bookmarked it in my favourites


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