some updates

So! My friend Ryan mentioned that I never blogged about my new couch, so I figured I would do that now. When we bought our house, we only had a couch and a loveseat.

old apt livingroom

Old apartment.

Pretty normal. Except we moved into a home with three living spaces. We have the gameroom downstairs, the living room and family room upstairs. Which was fine for a while, but as the living room became more and more presentable, I was itching for some furniture to put in there.

The loveseat was in there…it’s tiny, the room is huge, I wanted something else.

I have been scanning craigslist every now and then for something but all craigslist couches are typically floral/plaid and hideous and I was hoping for something grey. I was also a little hesitant to buy something upholstered since you never know how people live, so I had pretty much given up.

I was on craigslist one night after Christmas looking for a dresser and just happened to click on a posting for a couch. “Hey that kind of looks like our couch, but in blue…” And then I clicked on the other pictures and noticed the pillows. “Hey that IS our couch but in blue!”

I asked Keith if he would be okay with getting it if I could arrange for a way to get it home. He said it was fine, so I instantly emailed the lady and got to work on finding a truck. Luckily, nearly all of my uncles have trucks and my sweet uncle Gino agreed to transport the couch for me. And the best part was the couch was 75$. Since we bought the exact couch, I know for a fact it cost more than 10x that.

living room!

So now my little loveseat has a friennnd. And it matches the back of my built-ins, I am so good at picking paint colors! Not sure if the couches will stay where they are, they are actually currently thrown in the middle of the room since I was doing a little painting. I have plans to do some sort of painting/refinishing of the coffee table.


Thinking of something like the above, except probably not teal.

I was doing a little trim painting the other day and decided to paint a frame. My lovely friend Megan gave me an etsy giftcard for my birthday and I purchased a print. Luckily the people we bought the house from left frames everywhere. I have at least 4-5 with weird flowers or ducks in them. But since gold is not my favorite, I repainted one!

before and after

The white balance is off, but it’s a huge improvement! The print is also off-center, but I took it out and fixed it. It is currently hanging in the back hall, but I want to put it in the kitchen as soon as I get Keith to help me.

And the final update is that somone is coming to fix our plumbing tomorrow! The home warranty did not cover crap. It has been completely useless. So thank the flying spaghetti monster for homeowner’s insurance. They are covering almost everything. The repairs are slated to take 3 days and they will have to dig up the basement floor, so we are spending a few days with Keith’s parents. So thankful they only live .5 mile away. I am SO EXCITED that this stupid plumbing saga is almost over!

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