the basement – before

So the pictures I put up of the plumbing fiasco are the only basement pictures I’ve shared. I guess I should do a before post on the basement since it has changed already and will be changing more soon.

So hold on tight, because the basement is weird and you might get lost.

office 2

There is a doorway off the driveway that leads into the basement. It’s the one that the previous owners did not leave a key for and I curse them for it daily. Upon entering is the office. They used this as their business office, it used to be a one-car garage. We still use it as an office, but it is not nearly as tidy.

office 2

This is looking back toward the door, that’s the Daisy window (aka the one window in the house she can see out). She occasionally barks at her reflection. The office is really cold. There is a big gas heater in the corner by the window.

office 2

From the office, there are two doors. The door on the right leads into what we have turned into the exercise room. The door on the left leads to the furnace area.

office #1

This was another office…until one day while I was babysitting, Keith ripped the desk out.

office #1

On the other side is this weird little area in front of the bathroom.

full bath

Very tiny bathroom. There is a tub to the right, I just couldn’t fit it all in the picture.

random space, office #1 to left, mini office to right, bathroom behind

Coming out of the bathroom is another shot of the weird little (useless) area.

mini office

To the left of the bathroom leads into this office area. The plumbers ripped out that desk for us.

And directly behind me in this picture is “the hole.” It looks pretty much exactly the same. Holey.

Okay, if we jump back to the office…

office 2
and instead of taking the right door, take the left door…you see this.

back toward the stairs,

The furnace area. The room goes another few feet to the left and that is where the garbage cans live.

down basement stairs. storage ahead, game room to R.

Further on with the stairs to your back, there’s some shelving and straight ahead is some more storage.


A lot of that stuff is still in there, I really need to clean it out/dispose of all that paint.

IMG_5886Heading back out of the storage cave, the stairs are sort-of straight ahead, more shelves and to the left (that sliver of light) is the game room.

gameroom/future mancave

This is the one room of the house that I haven’t touched and have no plans to touch. It is all Keith.


Those benches are built-in. Sadly they don’t have storage. I offered to recover the cushions but Keith doesn’t care. We have a couch where those chairs are.

built in bar

And a bar. That open door at the back leads to the weird little office-y area off the hole.


See, a labrynth. And can we talk about those burlap-covered office walls for a second? Like what even? Why? how? The bathroom has it also but it is painted over and still looks bad.

The whole basement sort of seems like an afterthought. Walls are just put up whereever and the division of space makes little sense. We got an estimate for some repairs/modifications but this post has gotten too long already so I’ll be back later and give a break down of what we want to do.


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