the basement plans

So. The basement.

Please excuse the MS Paint rendition. I haven’t had time to sit down on the laptop with Photoshop, so I just made this in a few minutes at work.

Here is floorplan of the affected areas and our plans.


The game room is not being touched, I just labeled it to give you a better idea of how everything is laid out. The grey squiggles either currently have that gross green indoor/outdoor carpet, or none (since it was ripped out). It will be replaced with carpet. Hopefully grey. The bathroom will be getting new flooring. I wanted tile, the contractor recommended vinyl…we will see.

The red lines are current walls. The red squiggles are shelves. They will all be torn down. The top half of the black squiggles is the exercise room, the bottom half is the garbage can area…it will become all exercise area and be covered with rubber matting.

Our estimate for all the repairs was pretty affordable, minus the matting. They quoted us 1700$ for the flooring and 500$ to install. He said if we found the mats cheaper, that was fine, it would still be 500$ to install. So Keith bought some for 800$ and we will install them ourselves. It can’t be that hard. (Famous last words).

We’ll also be doing the painting ourselves. They gave us a quote, but I work cheaper than that. They also probably would just paint right over the burlap and I would rather do a skim coat of plaster first.

We can officially start putting floor down on Friday (30 days since the concrete was put down). We still haven’t heard when the contractors can start, but hopefully very soon.

Eventually we’ll redo the office too but not yet. I am dying to replace that carpet/paint the wood panelling, get nicer filing cabinets, etc.


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