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Let’s talk about specs.

(Haaaaaaaaa. Sorry.)

A few months ago, I saw a post on a blog I read about an at home try-on kit from a new glasses company.

I had tried Warby Parker a while back, and I LOVE the concept of trying on glasses in the privacy of your own home, but they were all way too big for my face. I hopped over to the website she mentioned, Rivet & Sway, and saw a few options I really liked! I attempted contacts this summer and at some point in the fall most likely scratched my eye. I had shooting pains in my eyeball for ~2 weeks. Not fun. I have 3 months worth of contacts left, but I am afraid of them. I figured if I’m not wearing the contacts, I could try out some glasses!

For my kit, I chose:


Six Shooters via Rivet & Sway


Punchline via Rivet & Sway


Sweet Spot via Rivet & Sway

I knew the Punchlines weren’t going to work, but they were so cute/different I needed to try them. And besides, what’s the point of at-home try ons if you don’t step out of your comfort zone?

I was really excited for the Six Shooters and Sweet Spots. Teal is my spirit color.

So then I got the glasses and sure enough the Punchlines were out. The Sweet Spots were also out, they were just too small and the total wrong shape for my face.


I am being very brave posting these non-flattering photos of myself.

Initially I thought the Six Shooters were too big for my face. I really hate the granny-glasses trend. But I couldn’t stop putting them on. You have the try-ons for 3 days and I had them over a long weekend…and 3-4 times a day, I’d go get them and put them on. I sent a picture to my friend Elyse saying “These are slightly too big, aren’t they?” She said “Yea I think so, but they are very you.”



I posted a picture to twitter:



and got really positive responses! I decided to go for it! I put them in my cart and…waited.

For what? I don’t know. But apparently waiting for a week was the right thing because they emailed me with a 50$ coupon. I ordered them instantly and it has been love ever since.


See, they even match my coat!

I only got glasses at age 20, so this is only my 3rd pair, but they are by far my favorite. I liked my first pair, they fit my face well enough, but they never felt like me. These teal glasses are ALL ME.


21 y/o Katrina with Sparks mouth and 1st glasses

Rivet & Sway, as a company, was awesome too, reaching out via phone and email to see how the try-ons were going and once I bought the glasses emailing me to thank me!

They also gave me a $50 coupon to share! If you enter KATSWAYS at checkout, you can get 50$ off your glasses (bringing every pair on their site down to a cool 149$!). Not bad for frames and lenses! I will even forgive them for calling me Kat, since I love my glasses so much. The coupon is valid until 5/15/13 so you’ve got time to try some frames and hem and haw like me.

I get nothing from this, they didn’t ask me to blog about them, I just really love my new glasses!

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  1. Thanks so much for the Rivet & Sway post Katrina. And thanks for going through the Rivet & Sway experience. Excited to know that you landed on the Six Shooters (in memory of my great-great Grandmother, btw!).

    And sorry for giving you a ‘KAT’ code. I had to keep the code under 10 characters. 🙂

    Thanks again!

    John Lusk
    Rivet & Sway CEO


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