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The past two posts I’ve written have some how never published, so I’m not sure this one will…

Just a quick post about the basement. The contractors (oddly enough, our old landlords) are coming next week to knock down some walls! I think I mentioned in the last post that Keith bought rubber matting for part of the floor, while I was in Minnesota, he started to put it down.


The mats were a tiny bit big, so they were overlapped for a few days so he could make use of the room. (The bottom left corner of the picture? The toilet. We had to move it from the middle of the room and upon doing so found Dixie 1964 stamped inside the tank. Anyone want a 50 year old toilet?)

One night, after work, we actually measured and marked and cut them. I got to use a chalk line and that was pretty fun once I got the hang of it. (It was pretty messy before I did.)

The mats are pretty cool. Thanks to the flecks, you can hardly tell where they connect, it’s pretty seamless. A couple of days after we got the floor fixed…this came in the mail, so now the room looks like this.


Keith is slightly obsessed. If the contractors come and make him move everything out, I get to say “I told you so,” but at least he gets to make use of the room for the time being.

I can’t waaaaaaait to see what this basement looks like once they rip those walls down and we get new carpet. And eventually I get to paint. It’s going to be awesome.

The longer we live here, the more basement Keith takes over. It is really turning into the man cave. Which is fine, since I get the top two floors of the house.


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