Keith and I were talking the other day about supertasters, people with a super intense sense of taste. And I got to thinking…I am not a supertaster, but I just might be a supersmeller, which affects my sense of taste in a weird way. Keith always makes fun of me because I always give such off-the-wall descriptions for how things taste.

  • I’ve liked certain beers to leaves, a car tire, bacon, and toast. (Seriously, rye beer tastes like toast.)
  • I have cleaned my dishwasher at least 4 times because I think everything that comes out of it smells/tastes like dishwasher.
  • I can’t leave my lunch on my desk at work after I finish because the smell (of what I just ate – and usually enjoyed!) makes me sick.
  • I have a really hard time wearing perfume and tend to wash it off once I get to work.
  • I have gotten rid of many deodorants because wearing them/smelling them makes me sick.
  • When I worked at Starbucks, we had to taste the coffees and describe them. Every single one tasted like burnt, unsalted pretzels.
  • Also while working at Starbucks, I discovered that steamed soy milk smells exactly like playdoh.
  • I have a hard time eating in Subway because I can’t stand to smell like it the rest of the day. (I know that is not uncommon.)
  • I can’t stand the smell of pennies. If I even touch a penny, I have to wash my hands. The smell is so overpowering I can almost taste it.

So I think I am either a supersmeller or have a very slow moving brain tumor.

My face is stuck

a picture of me from 6 years ago where i look like i smelled something terrible.

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