knock down the walls

So, the contractors came yesterday and knocked down some walls.

back toward the stairs,

we were getting rid of the walls to the right of this photo

random space, office #1 to left, mini office to right, bathroom behind

and the walls to the left and straight ahead.

I had class last night, so Keith texted me a few pictures when he got home. I didn’t get home til after 9 and was not dragging out my big camera, so iPhone photos, it is!


The view from the office. Those lines in the concrete show where the walls were. Hello random toilet.


The view from near the toilet. The rubber mats in the bottom corner will extend all the way to that far wall.


A panorama. I always forget this capability exists on my phone, glad Keith made use of it.

They are there again today-Friday, I believe putting down the bathroom floor today, they left some carpet samples for us to look at tonight, the carpet will go where the toilet is, along the rubber mats.

I am slightly annoyed by two things. I didn’t realize we had to deal with both burlap and cinderblock on the far wall…trying to paint it and make it not look ridiculous is going to be interesting.

There are electrical boxes and lightswitches hanging from the ceiling. They were in the walls that were removed. I assumed they would be moved into the existing wall before they drywalled, but they were not. I guess they could be putting them in after the fact or something…I don’t know. I do know that if they finish and there are still electrical boxes dangling from the ceiling, I am going to be very angry.

From the pictures Keith sent me the basement looks HUGE, but in real life it is somewhat less impressive. Now that the air ducts and the furnace are more exposed, the ceiling seems lower and it seems like the furnace is in the middle of the room. I plan to paint the air ducts white so hopefully that will help them blend into the ceiling a bit better. There’s no hope for hiding the furnace though.


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