more basement! now with less carpet!

I’m back with some better pictures of the basement.


view from office – the carpet will go all along that wall, back to the bathroom and then back to the left into that other room. which will become keith’s closet.


please note air ducts and light switches hanging from ceiling


from fridge area


from bathroom, we are debating about removing that door.

They ripped up the carpeting yesterday. I didn’t know the floor could get any uglier…but it did!






i do kinda dig the original color of the stairs!


i was trying to take a picture of the weird metal plate on the floor, daisy so kindly modeled for me.

We chose our carpet last night, we went with a medium grey color. Hopefully that will hide dog hair better than the dark green did!

Daisy has been spending the day at Keith’s parents’ house so she is not disturbed by the men and yesterday I went to get her and set the burglar alarm off. Because of course I did. Luckily I was able to shut it off quickly enough that no one came to arrest me, but uuuuuuugh.

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  1. In some of these pictures, there appears to be a certain amount of water damage, and this something you should always take seriously. I hope that when you were finished removing the carpet and walls, you checked to see if there was any foundation damage that might be causing the water damage. If you leave those types of problems alone, they can become much worse.

    • if you’re referring to the discoloration in the cement, we just had our pipes replaced. the foundation is fine, but thanks for your concern!


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