Happy Blogiversary/2-ish ingredient cookies!

Today marks the one-year blogiversary of jellyjars! I am sort of shocked I’ve lasted this long. I was a livejournaler for probably almost 10 years, but no other sort of blog stuck after that. I have abandoned blogs cluttering up all sorts of internet space. I guess the obsession with my house is good for something! Also impressed that this is post #80. I never set out to be a 5-day a week blogger, but realizing I’ve averaged 1.5 posts a week isn’t half bad. Maybe for year 2, I can shoot for 2/week!

With that said…let’s talk cookies.

So I came across this “recipe” on pinterest, for 2 ingredient cookies. I was intrigued and had to try. The two ingredients?


After reading some comments, I decided to get a little fancier and make them 5 ingredient cookies.


The “recipe” said to use quick oats, I had old fashioned oats, I seriously don’t know what the difference is. Don’t use steel cut oats though, that would end terribly. (Isn’t my little cinnamon jar adorable? One day I need to finish organizing that cabinet so I can show off my beautiful spices.)

Step 1:


Mash your banana(s). They should be a little lumpy.

Step 2:

_MG_9630.jpgDump in the rest of your ingredients. It’s a 2 to 1 ratio banana to oats. I used 2 bananas, so 1c oats. If you want to use 1 banana, use 1/2c oats. Everything else I just wing. A dash of cinnamon, a handful of walnuts. I have added vanilla and salt, but it didn’t seem to make a difference so I left them out this time.

Step 3:


Mix mix mix. I add my chocolate chips after I do the initial mix so I don’t crush the crap out of them.

It’s not really an exact science. If you think it looks a bit too wet (It won’t hold together) throw in some more oats. Otherwise..

Step 4:

_MG_9641.jpgThrow those suckers on a (horribly stained) cookie sheet. Make sure to use parchment paper (my fave) or cooking spray.

Step 5:


Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. They will get slightly darker but pretty much look exactly the same.  The edges get all crispy/chewy and they are amazing right out of the oven. They are decent up to 3 days later, but mine have never lasted longer than that.

This batch also clocked in at around 50 calories a cookie with no butter/oil/extra sugar (minus the chocolate chips). Not bad considering one cookie from Subway is 200+. You could make them even healthier by leaving out the chocolate, but I don’t think they’d be nearly as enjoyable.

I’ve made them once a week for the past few weeks and eaten every single cookie myself. They will not replace the deliciousness of a real chocolate chip cookie, but they come pretty close! And like someone else said, if I eat half the batch in one sitting, I only essentially ate a banana and 1/2 cup of oats. Not bad!

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