Oh, Katrina. Write a post about how you’re going to try to post more in year 2 and then go 3 weeks without posting.

In my defense:

  • I had to write a 10 page paper*. (I have never written more than a 5 page paper, but it wasn’t too bad. I set myself to a schedule to write 2 pages a day and it worked! Except I still haven’t gotten the grade back, so who knows how well it worked.)
  • I had to prepare a 15 minute presentation on said paper. (This was pretty nerve-wracking but not too terrible. I baked some cupcakes for my presentation and got a few laughs so it went over pretty well.)
  • We went to NYC. I did a little homework on the drive up but then no homework! For 5 days! Right before finals!
  • When we returned I had to write a 4 page final!
  • I also had to read a 219 page history book (the most boring) and then take a history final!
  • Our basement was also sitting there not being worked on. Grumblegrumble.

But! As of last night, I am done!!!!! with my semester. This has been the most taxing semester of my long, complicated college career. I am so relieved to be finished, and I am sitting here feeling like there is some sort of homework I should be doing…but there’s not! For one whole week! And then I start “US History 1865-present” (I just finished “US to 1877” and am OVER history, so this will be fun) and “Teaching English Language Learners” which is a pre-requisite for Pitt’s School of Education which I am going to attempt to attend once I finish the longest Undergrad degree on record.

In exciting news, the History final that I took last night has already been graded and I got an A!

I did so horribly on the midterm, though, that my grade is 1 point away from a B. I emailed the professor to ask if he rounds up and I’m reaaaaaaaaally hoping he does because I really don’t want a C. If I was more than .5% away from the grade, I would not care so much but being right on the edge is sort of killing me.

I’ll have to post later about our NYC trip and our basement, so I shall leave you with a photo of my girl.


If you do not adore this dog, there is something wrong with you.

*My paper/presentation were completely open-ended but they had to deal with culture change. I did my paper on online dating. It was a lot of fun, but the entire time I was writing/editing/presenting/I kept thinking “This is either a really good idea or a really bad idea**.” The topics throughout the class were completely varied from talking about South African aparteid to confucionism to reddit. It was neat to have such completely different topics, if we all had to listen to each other’s presentations about the same exact thing I may have died.

**Like I said, still no grade, so the jury is still out.

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