Friday Favorites: Johnny Cupcakes!

I don’t remember how I initially heard of Johnny Cupcakes…I feel like it may have been my cousin’s boyfriend Zac. I was too poor at the time to afford anything by them…but in 2006, I did make a Johnny Cupcakes pumpkin.


At some point shortly before or after, they came out with what is to this day, my favorite design…which of course I can never find. (They release shirts in limited batches…they do pop up on eBay but for lots of money.)


My second favorite shirt, which I was actually in an eBay bidding war until it got to 100$ is this one.

33755DF7It is perfect! I do bake on the first date. Or at least I did. I haven’t had a first date in 4+ years and plan on never having one again, but I did present Keith with cupcakes! (The only reason I ultimately lost the auction was because I can’t wear yellow – I look like a zombie.)

I now have a few shirts (but would sell my soul for the above 2!) and am patiently waiting until I can justify buying myself a hoodie…but a few months ago I placed a small order. If you’ve ever wondered about the brand loyalty surrounding JC, order something…

For starters…the box.


I actually have kept two of my boxes because they are SO COOL.

Inside is custom tissue paper…


Inside that, is a bunch of extra goodies…

Untitled(button, mint, temporary tattoo, mini sticker – perfect fit for the back of an iPhone!)

Then this time, I had ordered a Cupcake Initiative sticker…


And a pair of boxers to sleep in.


Check out the packaging! So detailed, attractive and fun!

I bought the boxers for fun, but my sticker purchase was to complete the very important cupcake-ification of my car. Nearly every angle sports some JC. (The left back window has a YINZ sticker).


So, there you go. A great brand with amazing products and attention to detail, all started by a dude from the trunk of his car.


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  1. I love your detailed cupcake love 🙂


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