the basement is done! (sort of)

So, it’s actually been a few weeks but I never remembered to take pictures until this weekend. The contractors are all finished and it’s in working order. It’s not done but I don’t know when it will be, so it’s done enough.

So I guess I had posted about the walls being removed…we were just waiting on carpeting and now we have it.

basement redo

from the office door

basement redo

from the bathroom door back toward the office…can you spot the daisy?

basement redo

hey carpet, you’re pretty. hey furnace, you are hideous.

There are still two tiles missing in that back corner, that door needs to be shaved down in order for them to fit. I want to just take the door off but Keith wants to keep it on since we can hide a garbage can behind it. That tube hanging from the ceiling is the bane of my existence. It comes from the A/C (?) and has to go into that drain in the floor. Before, there was a wall there, so the tube ran along the wall, but now it’s just hanging out. We drilled holes into one of the mats so it still works as a drain, but I have already tripped on it/nearly pulled it out once, it’s only a matter of time before it happens again. Luckily the mats aren’t glued down or anything. There has to be a better way to have it, but I am clueless.

basement redo

daisy is usually not such a photobomber. she must have felt pretty that day.

basement redo

the grey carpet is a nice transition to the black speckled mats.

basement redo

the old 3rd office looking out to the gym. keith bought all sorts of manly artwork.

basement redo

what was the 3rd office, what will be keith’s closet.

 There is a door in front of the elliptical that leads to the gameroom. If you open the door, you get a straight shot at the tv. Keith has too much weightlifting stuff, the elliptical would just take up precious room for how infrequently I use it.

basement redo

Daisy modeling a close up of the carpet. Since the floor is so uneven there is a really thick carpet pad under there so it’s nice and squishy.

basement redo

Keith’s bathroom

 We also got new flooring in Keith’s bathroom…it was gross carpet before. I wanted to go with small tile but the contractor suggested vinyl. We saw this and it looked pretty nice, so we went with it. And considering it took the contractors* a month to get this all done, I’m sure I’d still be waiting on the tile.

basement redo

Teeny bathroom

So, that’s where we are now. I still want to try to rip down or cover up the disgusting burlap that is on half the walls. I still haven’t decided if we should rip down the rest of the wainscotting or put up the rest…it’s sort of a 50/50 split now, it would be easier to rip it all off, but it would look nicer to put it all up. I also would like to do something with the ducts/ceilings, they look terrible. I am hoping I could paint the ducts, but there are all sorts of holes in the sheetrock (?) of the ceiling. It looks bad…but on the other hand, who is really looking at it? And painting of course. I want to do the basement and Keith’s bathroom a nice pale blue. The yellow down there has got to go.

But I also have 10 million other projects for now. Keith doesn’t care what it looks like while he’s pumping iron.

*We used a Kress Brothers, and I don’t think I would recommend them. Everything was done well, but since they use subcontractors it took an entire month. It felt like someone would come and work for 30 minutes and be done for the day. Luckily we have no big contracting plans for a while, so we’ll find someone else for next time. I still whole heartedly recommend Matt Mertz Plumbing, though. They ripped up, replaced and redid our entire basement in 3 days.

basement redo

here’s another Daisy photo for good luck. She would like to tell you that although she looks a little plump from this angle, the camera adds 10lbs and she suggests you redirect your attention to her stairs photobomb where you can see her tiny waist. 

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  1. Anonymous

     /  May 21, 2013

    So, where are the photos of the game room?


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