Last Friday, I had my first paid cupcake gig. My stepdad’s sister had asked if I would be interested in making cupcakes for her wedding. She wanted 10 dozen and while I have never made that many before, I was up for a challenge and agreed. I also roped my mom into helping. The plan was to make ~30 cupcakes in 4 different flavors:

peanut butter cup
salted caramel pretzel

We started around noon and finished around 6, it could have probably gone a little faster but I think we made pretty good time!

baking wedding cupcakes

baking wedding cupcakes

baking wedding cupcakes

The peanut butter cup/salted caramel are tried and true recipes but I was kind of winging it with both the lemon and vanilla. I wasn’t thrilled with the vanilla cake, it was really dense. At one point I told my mom, “I really want to try one of these vanilla ones to make sure they are okay, but at the same time, I really don’t want to have to remake them.” My mom told me I had to try one, we couldn’t send bad cupcakes. So I tried one and thankfully it tasted good, it was just a denser cake, sort of almost poundcake like.

The icings were all amazing, they were buttercreams (peanut butter, salted caramel, vanilla) and the lemon was a lemon cream cheese. I had always sworn that I hated buttercream but I guess I just hate bad buttercream.

baking wedding cupcakes


baking wedding cupcakes

Donna (aunt) had asked for a big cupcake to cut, so I borrowed my MIL’s big Wilton cupcake pans but the biggest one would have been way too big to transport. My mom is a genius and decided we could just make one ourselves.

baking wedding cupcakes

baking wedding cupcakes

My mom shaped and iced the cake and then it was my turn to make the “paper.” I used my jumbo star tip and I think it turned out pretty well!

baking wedding cupcakes

baking wedding cupcakes

We tried to swirl the icing like a real cupcake but this whipped icing was a bit too loose and wouldn’t cooperate.

baking wedding cupcakes

This does not look like 120 cupcakes/6 hours of work.

baking wedding cupcakes

The salted caramel were decorated with crushed pretzels and caramel, obviously.
The peanut butter cup got a mini peanut butter cup.
I bought blue sugar pearls for the vanilla/lemon, but they would not stick to the frosting. Every blue pearl you see was hand placed. On 3 dozen cupcakes.

Since we didn’t want to do that for the lemon as well (Although it probably would have stuck better to the cream cheese), my mom came up with a wonderful idea and made a sugar/lemon zest mixture that we sprinkled on the lemon cupcakes. It smelled so amazing.

While I have no real desire to make this a side business or anything (hi, no time, I had to take a day off of work to do this) I have already agreed to do another wedding next March. It was nice to hang out with my mom also, but since I couldn’t attend the wedding (I had class) I felt like I was giving up my children since I couldn’t be there to see how they went over. I’ve heard that everyone loved them though, so that is all that matters.

At a few different points during the process I thought “I should make my own wedding cupcakes!” but I’m pretty sure Keith would refuse to marry me if I put that much stress on myself the day before our wedding.

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  1. They look lovely–If it had been me, I wouldn’t have been able to resist taste-testing quite a few of these while baking. 🙂

    • thank you! i taste-tested quiiiite a bit of the icing, haha. and dipped quite a few pretzels into the salted caramel buttercream. which reminds me, i have extra frosting in the freezer…mmm.

  2. Good to hear everyone loved them! They are amazing. I would recomend not making your own cupcakes though. They would be the best, but you will have so much to do as the bride. The day before is crazy, plus you want to beable to relax a little so you can enjoy your day! I wish i could employ you for something to make me cupcakes, but then i would feel badly haha.

  3. Jeni

     /  May 25, 2013

    Amazing and beautiful!!! You are one talented woman!!! I bet they were delicious!!! And that everyone loved them!!!

  4. Hi, it’s my turn to do the stalking! Saw that you have a cupcake category and am now sitting at work, drooling at my desk. These look ridiculously good!

    • Thanks! I was very proud of those cupcakes! I wish I had more time to bake and more people I liked to gift them too haha. I have no willpower, cupcakes in the house = cupcakes in my mouth.


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