old junk…my favorite!

So I have this terrible habit. Both our current laptop and my old laptop had the wonderful/terrible little memory card slot. It is wonderful because I don’t have to ever find my camera cord, it is terrible because I always leave my memory card in it and then take my camera somewhere important (like our wedding venue) without a card. I bought a backup card so I would stop doing this…but now I just leave one on the table next to the computer and one in the slot. I’m thinking of getting a camera strap cover with a pocket and leaving a card in there, but it will only be a matter of time before I leave that one somewhere.

So now that I have multiple cards, I take pictures on one card, switch it out and completely forget about those pictures. Just the other day, I popped in a memory card and found pictures I took back in March.

Whenever I visit my family, I have to drive down 910 to get to 79. On the way, I pass this big barn and they always have furniture and stuff outside for sale. I’ve been saying to Keith for a while that we needed to go check it out and we finally did. I had also seen some of the stuff on craigslist, the guy posts under Reclaimation Nation.

The stuff is all in a big barn, and they refinish as well as sell. It was a treasure trove. (And also pretty cluttered, but I think they were having a spring cleaning sale…from pictures I’ve seen since it looks less cluttered.)



This punching bag thing had a “sold” sign on it, otherwise Keith would have claimed it as his own.

There was also an entire basement.



Things were pretty reasonably priced, I’m sure I would have found lots of things to take home if we had looked a bit more (it was pretty cold in there)!

They also had things like antique doors and columns in case you’re feeling a little DIYey.

There was another little building off the barn that had these fellas. Not sure if they were for sale, I didn’t want to ask because I didn’t want to end up with one in my living room. Still pretty cool!


It was a really neat place to check out and it seems like inventory changes pretty often so I’m ready to go back! (I wanted to buy a dresser but Keith talked me out of it. Our stairs have a 90 degree angle and no landing, so getting anything big (like the long dresser I want) up them would be a nightmare. This means I’m going to have to get an Ikea dresser that I can build myself once it is upstairs. Not ideal, but oh well.)

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