dr. awkward*

So I had a follow up doctor appointment yesterday with a specialist. When I made the original appointment, I had requested a female doctor. So I went to the original appointment, the doctor couldn’t have been nicer, she writes me a prescription and tells me to come back in a month, which was yesterday.

So I get there, I’m led back to the exam room by a nurse, he asks a few questions** and hands me a gown and skedaddles. I put the gown on and sit and wait and after a few moments, a knock at the door and in walks a young, male doctor. Ugh. He introduced himself, takes a seat and we chat for a few minutes. On his way out, he mentions the female doctor that I had previously seen would be with me momentarily.

So a few minutes later, in walks my female doctor, her assistant, and the male doctor. Double ugh. Now I have mostly had male doctors my entire life and whatever. But they have always been way older than me. And I probably won’t care when I am way older than them, but I don’t want a doctor that I could potentially see out at the bar. (Not that I go to bars.)

Female doctor asks: “Is it okay that Matt*** joins us?”

Me: “I guess!”

*everyone laughs*

Me: “I mean I guess I am not the first patient in the history of the world.”

Female doctor: “And he is very professional.”

Me: “Well just don’t expect me to say hi to you at the grocery store.”

Female doctor: “You would not believe some of the things people say to me in the grocery store, let alone want to show me!” *mimes lifting up her shirt*

At that point she is done checking me out, tells me that compared to last time, I am “textbook perfect” (exact words!) and then says: “Matt, forget you ever saw her.”

Matt: “Forget who?”

Haha, it was a totally awkward situation (because I am totally awkward), but could not have been handled more perfectly, so big props to the two docs I saw yesterday.


*That’s my DJ name.

**One of the questions was “Have you fallen down in the past 12 months?” I didn’t realize I had turned 80.

***I can’t remember if his name was Matt or not, definitely don’t remember his last name, so I figure it’s safe to call him that.

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