color me rad 2013

So yesterday, I participated in my first 5k. I had tried to do c25k last year, and maybe two weeks into it, The Color Run happened. I was seeing all these photos on facebook and was soo bummed that I missed out on it. Pretty much the week I decided to start c25k again this year, I got a notice that Color Me Rad was coming to Pittsburgh. It was pretty much exactly 9 weeks away, which would give me time to run through the whole program.


I got to Week 3 probably around the 6th week, then took a few weeks off. I ran one day last week and decided just to go for it since Ryan hadn’t trained either.

Ryan and I were signed up for the 10:20 wave, but they recommended you get there an hour before. So we got there an hour before, didn’t really know what to do…so we walked up to the starting line and just stood around.

“Wanna just sneak into this wave?” “Sure.”

In reality, there was no sneaking…we just walked up and stood there with the other people and when they told us to go…we went!

The race was at Starlake and I thought that it would all be inside the ampitheatre, but it actually started in the parking lot. The gravel parking lot. That part was just horrible. It wasn’t regular gravel, there were giant rocks here and there and the occasional broken glass. It IS a parking lot. Eventually it went inside the ampitheatre and then back into the parking lot.


I think it was a great first 5k, and Ryan and I did not make bad time! They didn’t time you at all, but I turned on RunKeeper just so I could have an idea of how far we were/how we were doing. I was completely unprepared for the finish though. All of the sudden I was like “Wait! This is it?!”

So so much fun. And probably the motivation I needed to keep trying this running thing. I’d like to do it again after actually training. And not on stupid gravel.

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013

 color me rad 2013

color me rad 2013Should have taken that photo at the finish line, but there were wayyyy too many people there.

color me rad 2013Back at Ryan’s before celebratory Taco Bell.

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