funny farm

Driving my nephew Brad home yesterday, he got a little whiny in the car, so I started singing. I sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” before blanking out on children’s songs. Then it hit me, “Old MacDonald,” I quickly ran through all the farm animals I could think of so our farm was also home to snakes (He kept “sss”-ing, so I had to throw that in), bears, lions, dinosaurs and rabbits (they go hop hop hop, I guess). I snuck a peek back and he was grinning like a fool. (Probably like, this lady’s an idiot!)



Note: Not taken while driving, but a similar look.

But it quieted him down enough until I thought to put Toddler Pandora on for the rest of the ride.

So it should be of no surprise that last night I dreamt I had to call Animal Rescue League because there was a lion in my bathtub and a bear stuck in my toilet. That’s what they do, right? Rescue people from animals?

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  1. your so funny Katrina , and what a cutie little Bradley is !! He reminds me sooo much of Kris when he was that age , they look so much alike , as you know . Your dad used to call him ” turkey butt ” . . Also ,for some reason , he was the only one who could get him to nap . I enjoy your photos very much .


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