sprinkles: you’ll shoot your eye out edition

Work work work. School school school. Ignore the yard, garden, housework.

Pretty much my life.

My classes are wrapping up in about 2 weeks though and then I get two glorious weeks of freedom until the next semester starts. After about 18 years, I think I am finally sick of school.

So here are some non-school things that have happened.

1. We had some early morning visitors the other day. Of course when I ran to grab my real camera, I scared them all away. These are different babies than the ones I found in the yard. Keith found that one on the side of the road. 😦

morning visitor

2. Keith only has one seat in his backseat, the other 2/3 are in the basement. Since he rarely has more than one passenger, it makes sense. We went down to Oakland recently for our engagement photos and took Daisy. She started out standing with two feet on the seat and at one point I turned around and she had taken a seat. This picture cracks me up. She could have sat on the other side/not in a seat, but she chose the seat.


3. We were sitting at dinner one night and Keith says “What is that?” I look at the window and in my blindness, it looked like some sort of spiderweb. We both get up and no web, a bullethole. From a bb gun, but STILL.

you'll shoot your eye out kid

Luckily, it only went through one pane of glass, but I looked and looked for the bb and couldn’t find it.

you'll shoot your eye out kid

I thought it would be between the panes, but it wasn’t. It ended up just inside the screen. If they had been a foot closer, it probably would have gone all the way through.

you'll shoot your eye out kid

And then they would have had a huge problem. If you line up the hole in the screen and the hole in the window, it is very obvious where it came from.

you'll shoot your eye out kid

I am still mad about it. I was tempted to march over there and yell at them, but it probably wouldn’t have gotten me anywhere and may have gotten me another hole in my window.

4. We’ve seen some of our engagement pictures and they are AMAZING. I should be getting a link to the rest soon and will have to share them. Yayyyy.

5. I am obsessed with making paper flowers for the wedding. I’ve made a few dozen already and plan on making a few hundred. I go back and forth between wanting to share wedding deets here and wanting to leave everything as a surprise. I might show off my flowers though.

6. I need a vacation. Or a nap. Or a way to be independently wealthy.

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