sprinkles – crafty edition

1. I haven’t posted at all in August. I’m sorry/you’re welcome!

2. Classes FINALLY ended for me last Thursday. They start up again on the 26th. Not looking forward to it! I have started to get snippy at work when people mention back to school shopping. I have to go back too! Stop talking about it!

3. I recently switched out one of my classes for the fall so I will now have two classes on campus. I’ve done pretty well with managing one on-campus class and one online class, but the past two semesters of self-paced classes really really burnt me out. I was originally taking World Politics as self-paced but when I looked up and saw the books were over $200, I switched it out faster than you could say “capitalism.” I am now taking The Archaeologist Looks at Death and Japanese Society. Japanese Society is the one I just added and I am super pumped because it is a 100+ person lecture and it has been a long time since I could sit in the back of an auditorium and not have to speak.

4. My grand plans for my summer “vacation” were to get some painting in. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I have still not touched a paintbrush since January. I have, however, been cutting/folding/gluing the hell out of some cardstock. After months of trying to figure out table decoration for the wedding, I stumbled across this tutorial from one of my favorite blogs. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of actually painting the paper (although I’m sure it’s a lovely effect) so I just bought colored cardstock.

getting my craft on/drink on

It is very time consuming. The first batch of teal ones probably took about 10 hours split over 2 days. It is pretty mindless work though. I bought a stand for the iPad and just sit and watch shows. I finished up half a season of New Girl and probably 3/4 of a season of 2 Broke Girls (total guilty pleasure, it’s cheesy but I love it). I only burned myself once on the glue gun and that was while trying to reach behind it to pause the iPad.

box o paper flowers

The big ones use 3″ squares, the middle ones 2″ squares and the small ones 1″ squares. I like how the 1″ ones look best but I feel like they take the longest. Although that’s probaly not true since I just counted and all flowers average about ~15 petals so it’s all in my head I guess.

I haven’t had time to sit for 5 hour stretches but I’ve been doing a bit every night. I was sitting at work the other day and thinking how I wished I could bring in my papercutter/glue gun and get a little crafting in, when I remembered I could make different flowers!

paper flowers

These ones are a lot quicker and only require a drop of glue to hold them down, which I can do later at home. Non-stop crafting!

Now the only problem is, I only have about 40 flowers done and probably need a few hundred for the effect I want.

paper flowers

5. I’m running a 5k on Saturday! A real one! No colored cornstarch or tricks! I am only up to 20 minutes of running though and I run like a tortoise, so who knows how it will go. If you see in the news: “Girl dies after running 21 minutes and only making it half a mile,” that just might be me.

6. It is a lot of fun planning a wedding, and even more fun if you love surprises as much as I do. I am hesitant to share ANY details because I want to surprise everyone. I even have a few tricks up my sleeve that I haven’t shared with Keith. It’s gonna be awesome. Right now I am super struggling with the guest list. I have made two. All/nothing, it seems. I am really really torn on who to include and who not to. We have space restrictions at the venue and I never in a million years thought I’d have more than 100 people on the tentative list, but it turns out I do. If you’re reading this and it turns out I wasn’t able to invite you, please know that it was not a slight. And rest assured that there will be 14 hours of photographic coverage that I can share!

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  1. wow Katrina , your flowers are perfect , you are a woman of many talents ,yes .


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