pittsburgh restaurant week – part 3

So before I finish up with our final stop during Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, a quick review of an unofficial stop we made. Unofficial because they were not part of Restaurant Week and not even a restaurant, but a new place we checked out.

After my terrible race on Saturday, we got home and I walked the dog while Keith worked out and then were were going to lunch. Upon checking twitter, I saw that PghTacoTruck would be at the Coffee Buddha from 12-3. It was almost 12, a quick google showed that the Coffee Buddha was only about 20 minutes away and I deserved tacos, damn it.

Keith wasn’t too into the idea of driving that far and asked if we could just go to Emiliano’s, but I pouted and he relented. We popped over and got in line and about 20 minutes later had some tacos! I got the ground angus with queso fresco, cilantro and onion and the spicy jerked chicken with avocado crema. Keith got the ground angus with cheddar jack and the grass fed steak with kimchi.


They aren’t lying about the spicy jerked chicken, it was almost too spicy for me and I love spicy. The avocado crema was great though and helped cool things down. The ground angus was fantastic. Keith always makes fun of me for not wanting to branch out, but sometimes simple is best and that taco knocked it out of the park. I only tried the kimchi part of Keith’s taco and it was…weird. Not bad and pretty much exactly what I would have expected, but I don’t know if I am a fan of kimchi.

I got us some drinks inside to go with our tacos and the Coffee Buddha is just the cutest little place. I got Keith lemonade and got myself a dry rhubarb soda. Both really good! Definitely hit up PghTacoTruck if you see it, I think I will definitely make a pilgrimage back to the Coffee Buddha for it and next time I’ll bring Daisy! They have leashes and waterbowls on the porch for dogs. How cute!

Okay, enough about tacos. (Never enough about tacos.)

Our third and final stop for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week was Tamari. This was actually the only choice Keith made. We headed there after the baseball game on Sunday. (Well, actually the game was still going on, but it was in extra innings and we had a reservation.)

Tamari is Latin-Asian fusion and in Lawrenceville. Keith had wanted to try it for quite a while so we made our way over.

For their restaurant week special, they had a specialty sushi roll for $20.13. Since it was market price, I don’t know how much we saved, if anything, since we usually don’t order things without prices.

Tamari has small plates, and those places always confound me. I always want to order too much food and Keith has to reel me back in. We decided to get three things and if we were still starving, we could order more. We started with some ceviche with taro chips. It was delicious, but a pretty small portion and we ate it before I could take a picture.

Next we had a lamb quesadilla. It was a bit bigger, but a little bland. I laughed at Keith for dipping his pieces in soy sauce, but then I tried and that actually improved it quite a bit! Also ate too fast to take a picture and if you don’t know what a quesadilla looks like, shame on you.

Our final plate was the specialty sushi. It was shrimp tempura and asparagus with tuna and something else on top, covered with a spicy miso sauce and pico de gallo.


(Also super dark in there, which is why I wasn’t too snap happy.)

It was delicious. The pico de gallo was unexpected yet totally awesome. I’m not sure I’d spend $20 a roll normally, but if it was $15 or so, I’d definitely order it again and again.

We left, for the first time during restaurant week, not sickeningly full, but perfectly satiated. Although a little pricey, I’d definitely go back to Tamari and try some other dishes.

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Tamari on Urbanspoon

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