A few weeks ago, Keith and I headed to Nags Head, NC with his parents. We didn’t go on vacation last summer or this summer (saving up for the wedding/honeymoon) so when his parents suggested this, we were game. They went down for a whole week, but we were both running out of vacation time so we went down Tuesday-Sunday.

dogs on the beach!

The drive down was not very wonderful, although we did pass English Muffin Way and I need to find a way to move there immediately. We didn’t get in until around midnight Tuesday and immediately went to bed. We had 3 days at the beach and made the most of them. I took a few runs on the beach, Keith even joined in.

keith on the beach

We spent some time on the beach but the waves were pretty intense and there were red flags up so you weren’t actually allowed in. Luckily we were staying in Keith’s uncle’s house and there was a pool that I took full advantage of.

view from our house

Each night we’d head out to dinner. We had some pretty great meals but my absolute favorite were the hushpuppies at Awful Arthur’s. They just melted in your mouth. We had hushpuppies later in Raleigh and they should be ashamed of themselves for trying to be hushpuppies.

pretty houses

Keith and I would finish out each night with a dip in the hot tub and a growler of Arsenal Cider that we took down with us. Those were my favorite moments of the trip. We really need to get a hot tub.


There was also some Scrabble playing and man, have I gotten terrible. I immediately re-downloaded Words with Friends when I got back to get back into shape.


This little frog made an appearance one night when he jumped off the house and onto Keith’s mom. It was sort of hilarious, but I probably would have freaked out just as much. He just wanted in on Scrabbledome!

bodie island lighthouse

Friday was Keith’s birthday and we drove a few miles south to the Bodie Island lighthouse. Such a cutie.

inview from top of bodie lighthouseside bodie island lighthouse

We took a tour, it was pretty interesting. It was also 212 steps from bottom to top and I was not a fan. I am mildly afraid of heights, it used to be a lot worse, but I’m still not really into it. By the time we got back down my legs couldn’t stop shaking. Probably my last lighthouse.

view from top of bodie island lighthouse

view from top of bodie island lighthouse

View was great though. We went back to the house and Keith’s parents went and picked up a surprise lemon meringue birthday pie for him.

The next morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn to try to grab some sunrise pictures on the beach.

obx sunrise

obx sunrise

obx sunrise

Although those clouds didn’t help, I was pretty pleased with the results. We then packed up the cars and hit the road to Durham. We parked at the hotel and headed over to Duke University to see the Pitt/Duke football game.

pitt vs duke

I don’t know anything about football, but their stadium was cute. It was a bowl. But all the seats were bleachers and they really hurt after a while. I also liked that I could buy an Arnold Palmer at the concession stand, it was awesome. Pitt won the game but it also torentially downpoured and dummy me left my raincoat in Keith’s car. At the hotel. Oh well.

We went out for BBQ that night to The Pit in Raleigh. Probably my favorite meal of the trip. Mmm mac and cheese. We even took my leftover meat and had it for breakfast the next morning before we left.

And thus concludes our NC trip. Wish I was still there!

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