third time’s a charm

This past Saturday, I ran the Color Run with my friend Ryan, my cousin Brooke and her friend Jen. I signed up for it way back before I decided to quit running, but was still looking forward to it. Ryan and I did Color Me Rad in June and had a blast, so I knew it would be a fun time. Since I hurt my foot a few weeks ago, I didn’t want to run before the race because I was afraid I’d hurt it more. So I decided I’d just not train and make the best of it.


This race was at South Park and considering that’s one heck of a drive for me, I slept at my mom’s the night before.  Ryan picked me up bright and early at 7am since the race started at 8. We got there with a few minutes to spare and met up with Brooke and Jen. A few people Brooke worked with were also doing the race and one of the ladies had walked the course the day before, Brooke told me that she said it started out up a hill but then flattened out. We started up a tiny little hill and I thought “Oh, this isn’t bad!” and then we got to the bottom of that hill and came to a mountain. I’d say 80% of everyone was just walking up that hill, it was so gigantic. And then you were so out of breath (or I was at least) once you got to the top, you had to walk a bit more.


At one point, these teenage girls next to us were singing some song and I thought “I don’t want to listen to that!” And then I had the brilliant idea that since I already had my phone in my armband tracking our distance/pace, I could play my own music. So I blasted some Kelly and everyone was happier. (Everyone = Ryan and I.)

After the hill, it was pretty flat, then went downhill and then finished off flat, so aside from the first hill, the course wasn’t bad. It was also nice that at every color station they had music blasting so that you weren’t running the whole race in silence (well, minus my private Kelly Clarkson concert). Once we could see the finish line, I noted that we were at ~2.4 miles and I told Ryan, let’s run the rest. (We had been alternating running/walking). I said, “I’m going to want to walk, DON’T LET ME.” Sure enough, twice I tried to get him to walk, but he wouldn’t let me. We got the the last part of the track before the finish and Ryan is trying to cheer me on but at that point I pretty much wanted to die. My arms felt all tingly and I thought that either I was at the beginning of that mythical runner’s high, or I was going to pass out.

But, I didn’t! And I finished, running even! And then I collapsed on the ground and made Ryan go and get me water.


I checked our pace later and saw that the course was only 2.85 miles. What the heck is up with these 5k’s not being 5k?! Regardless, my pace was a minute faster than the terrible 5k I did in August and 2 minutes faster than the Color Me Rad 5k in June. I was very, very pleased with that, considering I hadn’t run in ~3 weeks.


I think I’ve decided that I am a social runner. While I didn’t LOVE running that race, I liked it! I had fun! It didn’t matter so much about the color (that still hasn’t come all the way out of my hair), I just liked being able to do it with someone. That said, I still quit running for a while. I’m on the second week of weight training with Keith and my muscles have never hurt so good. I’m going to get strong. And then maybe (with stronger legs) I can try running again.



I have washed my hair NINE TIMES since Saturday and it is still slightly blue. Today some lady at work said, “Oh, it’s cute how your hair matches your [teal] shirt.” Never letting Ryan have color bombs again.


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