weight training: week 7

So, I have been weight training for 7 weeks. Three times a week. I’ve officially kept up with this longer than any other exercise regimen. It helps that I don’t have to go outside and that Keith does it almost daily, with or without me, so I can’t skip out of it. I even did it alone one day last week when he was at a basketball game. Shocking, I know.

So 7 weeks in, here’s where I am.


I do at least 2-3 other supplementary workouts each time, but those are the big guys. Pretty freaking thrilled with the deadlift. When we first started, I hated the deadlift. Now, it’s my favorite. It’s one of the easier ones for me to keep form on. Although, I have a bunch of bruises on my thighs because I have been standing a bit too far out, so hopefully I can remedy that and stop slamming 100+ lbs into my legs.

Pretty happy with my squats too, although those are one that I know my form is not perfect on. I do not get low enough, but it’s not terrible, and I’m not trying to be a professional, so it’s fine with me for now.

My benchpress. Haaaaaaaaaaa. Just this week I tried to get up to 70 and I failed. The benchpress uses your chest, but since I apparently don’t have any chest muscles, I end up using my arms, so I can get the bar down…and then get stuck. It will probably take me a lot longer to get to the Novice mark on that than on the others, but again, not a professional, so just gonna keep trucking along.

Overall, I don’t hate it.

  • It’s still preferable to running for me.
  • I am no longer filled with a sense of dread on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.
  • It’s motivating to see progress.
  • I even found a new little muscle in my arm that I couldn’t see before.

Then the other stats, I’ve lost 4.3lbs and 9.25 inches. (Inches are pretty arbitrary, but I measure the same areas each week so it’s a nice little bonus.)


*That little graph is from strstd.com and ever since Keith showed it to me, I’ve been a little obsessed.

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  1. Congratulations on your perseverance and weight and inches. I always feel inches are more meaningful. Looking forward to your next update. Thanks for sharing

    • thank you! I decided to count inches since I am hopefully gaining some muscle and knew that the scale number could be deceiving! Hopefully my next update is as exciting!


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