pluses and minuses.

+ My Japenese Society class is DONE. Took the final Monday night. Hooray.

– Only two of our grades (50%) have been posted. I could either get an A or fail the class (probably not fail), but no idea what my grade is.

+ My Archaeology professor graded all of our 8 page papers in one week.

+ I got 100% on the paper! Wooooo! (Probably related to the above plus, but that works for me!)

– I have my Archaeology final tonight.

– I have a wicked headcold and wasn’t able to study last night. I still have a few hours left today, but it’s not looking good.

+ I can miss 5 questions on the final and still keep my A, so that’s encouraging.

+ Christmas shopping is done. We’re still saving for the wedding, so Keith and I didn’t buy for each other and only for our parents. (And Bradley). Still waiting on Bradley’s gift…I got him a custom book that has his name included in the story. Looks adorable, but I wish I knew when it was coming!

+/- Decorated for Christmas last weekend, planned on putting a few outside lights up (around the door/porch) and can’t find our extra lights. I’ll have to hit up a sale after Christmas, but it looks nice inside!

photo 1

– We will definitely need a bigger tree someday, but I’m not worried about it for now. Maybe when we have kids.

photo 2

+/- Daisy helped me decorate. I kept trying to get her in the picture but she kept inching closer to me. Instagram sure makes my dark grey walls look good, though! (Martha Stewart – Zinc)

photo 3

+ Ahhh, love this pup. Even if she’s not the most cooperative photo subject.

+ Last week, driving to class, I saw this house on Fifth and my jaw dropped. It was wrapped in a GIGANTIC bow. I’ve been trying to figure out how I could get a picture of it and lo and behold, my friend Rachel posted a picture to Instagram. I love it sooooooooo much. (On Fifth in Shadyside-ish)

photo 4

+ That’s all, folks.

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