new year’s resolutions 2014

People are pretty divided on New Year’s Resolutions. Some people are all about them. Some people eschew them. “Start today! Don’t wait until the 1st!” (Except when today is the first and then you should have started weeks ago. I think they are a convenient way to make goals and look back at them. Especially if you have a blog where you record them. If I would just make them, I’d likely forget them. That being said, I have a few goals for 2014.

1. Get stronger. I’ve been weight training with Keith for a few months now. My goal at first was to just keep adding weights. I’ve since knocked down my weights in order to perfect my form and now I’m working on adding more weight to them. I’m not trying to win any competitions or anything, but I do have a few modest goals in mind.

2. Lose weight. The most cliche resolution of all time! I have lost a fair amount of weight in the past few years. I remained steady for a while but have since dropped a few more pounds and I’d like to continue that trend. Ideally another 15-20 would be fantastic. Not going to kill myself trying, though. If I ever reach my ultimate goal, I promised myself I’d do a weight loss post.

3. Eat cleaner. When I first started to “diet”, it was that. I’d do 100 calorie packs and Lean Cuisines and diet pop. While that helped in regards to weight loss, it eventually made me feel pretty gross. I have since cut out all of those things. I’ve spent the latter half of the year focusing on cutting out most starches/grains and I’d like to continue that for the new year and focus on eating cleaner. It makes me feel better mentally and physically.

4. Try new recipes. I have a confession. I don’t really read cookbooks. I have quite a few and I love the idea of cookbooks, but when I am looking for a new recipe, I go straight to the internet. While I don’t see that ever stopping, it’s my goal this year to try at least one new recipe from each of my cookbooks and cooking magazines.

5. Get married! Have to throw that one on there for an easy one. Unless that doesn’t happen and then my life will be ruined and I will never blog again so I won’t even remember it was a resolution.

Sorry, things just got a little dark.

6. Maybe run another 5k. I HATE running. I LOVE the idea of running. I thought that if I did more weight training, my legs would get stronger, I could improve my running. I don’t ever see myself running a marathon or a half marathon or probably even a 10k. There is something very appealing to me about 5ks though that I think I want to try again.

Do you have any goals/resolutions? Do you like the idea? Hate the idea?

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